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John Deere Planter PowerGard Certification & Service

John Deere Sprayer PowerGard Inspection ™

The John Deere PowerGard™ Inspection Process that Identifies Key Service Points with Established Specifications that Allow Us the Framework to Repeatably Reduce Downtime.

John Deere Premium Sprayer Service


 John Deere Plus 50II Engine Oil Service

John Deere Wheel Motor GL5 Oil Service

 John Deere Filter Replacement
Engine Oil - Air Filters - Hydraulic Filters - Cab Filters

John Deere Fluid Analysis Scans


John Deere Sprayer Winterization

John Deere PowerGard™ Inspection Process


Block, cylinder head, valve cover, oil pan & gaskets                                                                           

Air intake, filter, tubes, hoses & clamps                                                                  

Radiator, cap, water pump, hoses & tubes                                                                            

Exhaust system pipes, muffler & turbo                                                                   

Inj. pump, fuel lines, tank & fuel filter                                                                     

Crankshaft, damper, and pulleys                                                                

Run engine to test for power, leaks, unusual noise, smoke, misses, blowby, and compression                                                                         


Hydrostatic transmission operation                                                                         

Any leaks or noises?                                                                       

Park operation and emergency brake                                                                      

Wheel motor operation                                                                

Drive hubs sealed?                                                                          

Oil, filters, breathers and screens                                                                              



Main pump, pump drive and operation                                                                  

Boom functions/ valves/ cylinders                                                                            

Any leaks or noises?                                                                       

Lines, hoses, and fittings condition                                                                           



Battery, cables and wiring harness                                                                           

Starter switch, motor & neutral safety system                                                                     

Lights, warning lights, & turn signals                                                                        

Gauges and indicator lights                                                                         

Wheel and radar speed sensors

Review misc. electrical components for worn wires and connections



Boom structure and hardware

Switches and sensor functionality

Boom suspension

Boom plumbing, fasteners, bumpers

Boom breakaway function

Boom section shut-off valves

Boom/nozzle/main solution/suction/QuickFill strainers

Flow meter operation

Solution pump and drive

Rinse tank and plumbing

Pump calibration

Rate controller

Pressure transducer

Solution hose and clamps

Pressure/ suction manifolds

System check with water



Foam tank and hoses

Air tank condition and operation

Foam generator and drop screen

Streamer sock and elbow

Shut-off diaphragms

Check valve operation

System check with foam



Seat condition & operation

Cab, glass, upholstery & moldings condition

Heater & A/C systems and operation

Door, latch, and hinges condition & operation

Cabin pressure

Wiper blade condition/operation

Mirror condition

Cab filter condition

Tread adjustment switches (if equipped)



Machine frame condition

Sheet metal & paint condition & appearance

Wheel & tire condition and appearance



All safety shields, covers, and shrouds

SMV, safety decals and warning devices

Steps, handrails, fenders and guards

Operator presence

Cross Implement - The Mark of Quality Equipment

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