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John Deere 7R, 8R, 8RT, 9R, 9RT, and 9RX Series Tractors Camera kit 

John Deere 7R, 8R, 8RT, 9R, 9RT, and 9RX Series Tractors feature touchscreen Gen 4 CommandCenter™ displays with built-in video capability. Voyager® cameras, cables, and special adapter harnesses, available through John Deere Merchandise, easily mount to all R, RT, and RX Series Tractors to suit an operator’s visibility needs. Please see the table below for a list of parts for the camera, cable extension, and harnesses for the Gen4 CommandCenter display.






Camera for John Deere 7R-8R-9R-9RT-9RX-Tractor SWVCCS150B - Voyager camera with mounting bracket






John Deere 7R-8R-9R-9RT-9RX-Tractor SECEC25 - 7.6 m (25-ft) extension harness








John Deere 7R-8R-9R-9RT-9RX-Tractor SWTY26834 - adapter harness

Mounting the camera may require extra hardware, depending on the tractor’s configuration and installed options, as well as desired view and mounting location. There are multiple mounting locations which will vary from machine to machine. RAM® Mounts can be used to mount the camera and allow it to be positioned to the operator’s desire. Please see the table below for a list of RAM Mounts used in the picture below.









John Deere Merchandise part number

Part Description



Voyager camera with mounting bracket



Extension harness, 7.6 m (25 ft)



CommandCenter adapter harness



GreenStar™ adapter harness



RAM Mounts: John Deere part number

Part Description



38.1-mm (1.5–in.) ball mount and socket arm



38-mm (1.5–in.) ball with model year 2010 stud



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