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John Deere 9550W 9650STS 9750STS Combine 2000-2003

Key Features:
     Four new John Deere walker combines: 9450, 9550, SideHill 9550, and 9650 
o    John Deere ComfortCommand™ air-suspension seat
o    John Deere CommandTouch™ armrest console
o    John Deere CommandTouch multifunction ground speed lever
o    John Deere VisionTrak™ performance monitoring
o    High-intensity halogen field lighting
o    Optional Field Office™ storage compartment
o    Active header-height controls (AHC)
o    Higher-capacity clean-grain elevator
o    New styling, new fiberglass composites
o    All-crop variable speed feederhouse with air flow system
o    Generation II concave for exceptional capacity and grain quality
o    John Deere PowerTech engines with exclusive unloading power boost and power bulge
o    High-efficiency John Deere QuadraFlo™ Plus cleaning system
     New cylinder tine-separation John Deere 9650STS Combine for rice and small grain 
o    All of the comfort and control features of the John Deere 50 Series Walker Combines
o    All-crop variable speed feederhouse with Air Flow system
o    Generation II concave for exceptional capacity and grain quality
o    Exclusive twin tine-separation for grain-saving performance
o    8.1L (2.1-gal.), 275 hp John Deere PowerTech engine with exclusive unloading power boost and power bulge
o    240-bushel grain tank
o    Wide choice of tire and traction options including logger tires and John Deere designed tracks
     Two new-concept John Deere STS™ Combines: 9650 STS and 9750 STS 
o    All of the comfort and control features of the 50 Series Walker Combines
o    New FAST system; feed accelerator and stone trap
o    Exclusive TriStream™ feeding system
o    Revolutionary single-tine separation harvesting technology
o    Patented threshing elements for outstanding grain quality
o    Unique three-step, top-cage design and grain-saving tine separation
o    New John Deere DynaFlow™ cleaning system
o    New-design, large-capacity grain tanks (300 bushels on John Deere 9750 STS Combine)
o    Dependable John Deere PowerTech engines with exclusive John Deere unloading power boost and power bulge
o    Two-in-one chopper/shaff spreader with quick chop-to-drop feature

Model year 2001 John Deere Combine enhancements
Key Features:
     John Deere STS Combines available with rice harvesting package 
o    Multi-serrated feed accelerator with 500 or 1000 rpm FAST drive
o    Multi-bar tine separation system features 27 modified smooth threshing bars that feature a serrated trailing edge
     Heavy-gauge rotor skin provides greater wear resistance
     19 open-row separation grates allow for greater grain separation
     Large wire heat-treated concave
     High wear life grain handling components
     Two-speed four-wheel drive (4WD) option available on all 50 Series Combines
     Deep-tooth chaffer and sieve option for corn STS Combines
     Custom cutters code for corn STS Combines
     John Deere GreenStar wiring harness factory installed
     Two 4.5-kg (10-lb) ABC-type extinguishers are factory installed
     The large, wire concave ordered as a factory-installed option on all corn and grain STS Combines
     Heavy-duty grain handling system option available for the John Deere 9650 STS Combine and John Deere 9750 STS Combine 
     All John Deere 50 Series Combines have an independent reel raise/lower valve in the hydraulic stack valve assembly

Model year 2002 John Deere Combine and front-end equipment enhancements
Key Features:
     19 open-row separator grates for grain John Deere STS Combines
     Fuel tank capacity on John Deere 9650 STS Combine and John Deere 9750 STS Combines increased from 794.9 L (210 U.S. gal.) to 946.4-L (250 U.S. gal.)
     New seals provide a better fit between the John Deere combine body side sheets and cleaning shoe elements and frame
     For increased wear life on John DeereSTS Combines, the small wire (standard on small grain), the large wire (standard on rice), and the round bar (standard on corn) concave are now hardened
     50 Series Walker Combines feature the same simple clean-grain tank design found on the STS Combines
     Hydraulic hoses replace steel hydraulic lines on all 50 Series Walker Combines
     Tier 2, 8.1L (2.1-gal.) John Deere PowerTech engine that conforms to the latest EPA federally mandated emission control standards is now provided on the John Deere 9650 Walker Combine and all John Deere STS Combines
     John Deere 50 Series Combine operator cab improvements 
o    New ComfortCommand™ seat delivers increased operator comfort on all John Deere 50 Series Combines
o    The hydrostatic control handle features a new plastic material face as well as a color-coordinated look
o    The transmission shift lever is shorter and relocated closer to the operator for easier access
o    Active header height control cornerpost (third) display as base equipment
o    Tailings elevator on all John Deere STS Combines now features a higher-capacity slip-clutch drive system
o    HarvestForm™ composite panels utilizing bio-product in the manufacturing process
     Improved material handling for 9650 STS Combines 
o    V-wing crop flow divider beater wings
o    Longer feed vanes on the front rotor module feed floor
o    More aggressive notched Z-wing rotor flow dividers
     Composite auger fingers for 900 Series platforms
     900 Series Draper platform improvements 
o    20 feed-drum fingers arranged in a new double-V spiral pattern provide more aggressive feeding
o    Longer reel lift arms
o    Redesigned draper frame attachment increases ground clearance

Model year 2003 John Deere Combine and front-end equipment enhancements
Key Features:
     All 9550 Combines feature the John Deere 6-cylinder, 4-valve (1.8-gal.) 6.8L PowerTech engine 
o    Improved STS feeding and threshing performance
o    Improved design of the TriStream separator feed floor
o    Improved design of the rotor top cover (30 degree angle versus 20 degrees)
o    Redesigned small wire concave to deliver higher threshing performance in small grains (fewer white caps). Front and middle concave sections with 31 wires versus 25 wires
     The deep-tooth chaffer and sieve replaces the general purpose chaffer and sieve as base equipment on the corn base code 9650 STS and 9750 STS Combines.
     STS Straw chopper enhancements 
o    Tailboard with 12 vanes versus 8 vanes
o    Chopper housing outlet rotated down 17 degrees for a more uniform spread
o    Chopper rotors with 68 blades versus 60 (48 paddle blades, 20 straight blades)
o    Cob deflector with positioning handle for easier adjustment
o    Cleaning shoe air chute to relieve air restriction
     900 Series rigid and flexible platform changes 
o    Dial S-speed, fore/aft hydraulic reel control and poly skid bottom protection (flexible platforms) are added as base equipment
     900 Series draper platform changes 
o    12-ply gauge wheels added as base equipment
o    Higher-capacity draper belt drive pump
o    Redesigned divider skid plates to reduce soil pushing
o    Knife back reinforcement straps added to all 11-m (36-ft) draper cutter bars
     900 Series belt pickup feeding capacity increased by 15 percent 
o    Narrow pitch auger flighting (21 in. versus 26 in.)
o    One-piece floor strippers and adjustable rear strippers
o    Auger flight extensions for use with STS Combines
o    Heavy-duty reinforcement added to end sheets and auger rear pivot

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