John Deere X354 Lawn Mower

Premium Lawn Tractor

John Deere X354 Lawn Mower

The John Deere X354 Riding Lawn Mower Tractor is for Sale or Lease from Cross Implement a John Deere Dealer; Serving the Midwest region from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana & Missouri.


The John Deere X354 mower has four-wheel steering for superior maneuverability and tight trimming. It is a premium lawn tractor at an attractive price that comes with a smooth-running V-twin iTorque™ Power System and an easy-to-use Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission. 

The John Deere X354 mower updated controls that are color-coded and easy to use, including automotive-style cruise control. It also comes standard with an enhanced instrument display that features an electronic fuel gauge, service indicator lights, a tachometer with “Best Cut” target zone and much, much more.

The John Deere X354 Mower is equipped with the new 42-inch Accel Deep™ Mower Deck — a deck stamped from a single piece of 10-gauge steel that's specially shaped to maximize airflow for optimal cut quality, especially at faster speeds. What makes this mower deck unique is its nearly 5-inch deep shell that extends all the way around, and its smooth shape.


All Select Series X300 Tractors are designed for homeowner customers who want the highest-quality product. A wide choice of mower decks, from 42 in. (107 cm) to 54 in. (137 cm), do an excellent job of mowing and side discharging, mulching, or bagging the grass clippings. A dedicated 42-in. (107-cm) mulching mower can be adjusted to provide superior mulching performance in a variety of conditions.

A snow blower, front blade, and tractor shovel are available for moving snow and other material. A wide variety of additional equipment from John Deere can do almost any lawn care job.


The 42-in. (107-cm) AccelDeep mower deck is a stamped-steel, deep, flat-top design that delivers excellent cut quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Optimal performance and dispersion of clippings is provided, even at faster mowing speeds:

  • 4.97-in. (12.6-cm) depth throughout the entire deck shell for optimum mowing, mulching, and bagging performance

    • Optional MulchControl™ attachment for superior mulching performance and versatility

  • Stamped-steel design eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can build up and diminish mowing performance


Mower deck suspended from the vehicle for a smooth and level cut Reducing the amount of re-cutting enables more power to be used to cut incoming grass, which greatly improves mower capacity.

Helps maintain excellent cut quality at faster mowing speeds

Clean flow of material out of discharge area prevents cut material from interfering with cutting the incoming grass, making it possible for the blades to cut incoming material cleanly.

Even in mulching mode, cut evenness is improved compared to other designs because the additional depth allows for continuous circulation, optimal re-cutting, and an even distribution of clippings.