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We make tracked harvesters that combine strength and smarts to meet any challenge. These proven machines are designed with components that help you move through thick swamps and navigate steep slopes. And our tracked harvesters are now equipped with optional Intelligent Boom Control, an operator-assistance solution that simplifies the logging experience and delivers more consistent boom movements. Its our way of adding new innovation to proven experience, and giving you the equipment and tools you need to excel in the woods.

Net Power: 224 kW (300 hp) at 1,900 rpm
Max. Boom Reach: 9.91 m (32 ft. 6 in.)
Tractive Effort: 373 kN (83,876 lbf)

Keeping up in the woods and at the landing can be some of the hardest work you do. So when you asked for job-proven mid-size might to help get things done, we took it from there. The result is a tracked harvester equipped with standard Smooth Boom Control (SBC) for exceptional command. A long and wide undercarriage for sturdy stability. Dual-swing drive for powerful performance. Uncompromising cab comfort and visibility. Plus a range of available options to suit your application including Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) for optimized control and operation. It all adds up to a purpose-built machine designed to work for you.


Operating for long hours is common. As the day goes on, maintaining consistent productivity is important. One factor in keeping high, consistent productivity is a comfortable operating environment. The M-series boasts greatly increased window area for better visibility and more cab space over prior models. Low-effort electrohydraulic (EH) controls allow you to customize the button and lever layout to your preference and save your settings when switching between operators.

Large and spacious operator station designed with operator input
Ergonomic controls and increased cab volume over prior models
Floor-to-ceiling front window, large side windows, skylight, and optional floor window (standard on leveling machines) significantly expands operator visibility
Optional heated and ventilated seat

Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) smooths boom operations, making them more precise and efficient, to increase operator productivity compared to a Deere tracked harvester without IBC. With IBC, you no longer need to control each boom function independently. Just control the direction of the head with a single lever command, and IBC will automatically guide the boom and cylinders accordingly. IBC also utilizes adaptive swing control to adjust the swing speed based on the overall position of the head. This makes controlling the head more precise and intuitive, especially for new operators, compared to machines without IBC.
Customizable control pattern and boom motions
More efficient and consistent boom movements
Enhanced cylinder cushioning reduces shock loading at end-of-stroke
Overall improved operator experience
Simple and intuitive to operate

Now included in base machine, the JDLink telematic system provides the foundation for John Deeres Precision Forestry solutions. These systems help optimize your machine, your uptime, and your jobsites, which ultimately lead to improved production efficiency.

JDLink connectivity enables you to view several parameters of your machine, including its location, fuel level, average fuel burn rate, idle time, machine utilization, and much more
John Deere Connected Support allows the dealer to provide remote diagnostics, rapid service response with the right part in hand, and parts availability; all to maximize machine uptime
John Deeres centralized Machine Health Monitoring Center analyzes data from thousands of connected machines, identifies trends, and develops recommended actions to help prevent downtime
Optional TimberMatic Maps gives enhanced visibility to the jobsite, which streamlines communication and increases efficiency
TimberManager provides remote visibility to your operation from any device, allowing you to make smart business decisions based on real-time production data

Easy access to service components helps operators perform daily checks and any scheduled maintenance, which helps minimize unplanned downtime and costly repairs down the road. The 800M-series tracked machines feature a fully opened enclosure and service doors for excellent access to all scheduled maintenance areas.
Smart debris management designed to keep your workspace free and clear
Variable-speed reversing fan helps minimize debris build-up in the cooling package
Swing-out doors provide wide-open access to the cooling package
Optional vacuum pump for convenient servicing of hydraulic components
Grease banks for servicing hard-to-reach joints
Large fuel tank extends intervals between fill-ups
Remote diagnostics and machine monitoring with JDLink

The M-series undercarriage is purpose built to handle severe forestry applications while maintaining maneuverability, especially in thinning operations. The track frames are shaped to deflect debris while also providing strength and stability.

Long, wide undercarriage provides solid balance to maximize stability
Exceptional tractive effort for negotiating difficult or steep terrain, deep snow, and swamps
Optional closed-loop hydrostatic drive on 800M/MH models for increased multifunctioning performance
Various track pad widths and grouser types are offered to best suit the machine to its application
Optional tri-track helps prevent premature wear due to track twisting

Smooth Boom Control (SBC) allows machine movements to be controlled more effectively, delivering a smoother experience for the operator and less wear and tear on the machine over time.

Ergonomically designed controls and seat with dual-density seat pan and contour plus updated armrest and suspension boost overall operator comfort. Options such as heated-ventilated seat (HVS) and updated premium Bluetooth radio with XM Satellite Radio ready from the factory take comfort to the next level.

When equipped with the Dedicated Travel System feature, a 330-hp engine option can be selected to further improve the performance and efficiency of the Travel System and all other machine functions.

Extended stick option for the 859MH enables a longer reach to minimize the number of cut trails and enhance machine efficiency.

Floor-to-ceiling front window, large side windows, skylight, and optional floor window significantly expand the view of the harvesting area and the work at hand.

Designed to keep your workspace free and clear, the productivity-boosting debris-management system is integrated into the hood and left-side guarding to prevent materials and debris from entering the cooling package. External screening, sealed cooler compartment, and standard variable-speed reversing fan provide protection as needed.

An available option on the 859MH Tracked Harvester, our industry-leading slope-monitoring system measures the actual ground-slope angle the machine is working on and displays it on the in-cab monitor, for more confident operation in tough steep-slope conditions and potentially greater overall efficiency.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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