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The Unverferth Rolling Harrow soil conditioner has been the industry's leading soil finisher for more than 35 years. And it just keeps getting better! The model 1245 double basket Rolling Harrow builds on the three-decade-long tradition of aggressive, scalloped, and pitched front baskets coupled with passive rear baskets for the best seedbed possible. Model 1245D features the same front basket as the 1245 and couples it with a cleated rear rolling drum for enhanced soil firming. The exclusive basket design with notched end and center discs ensure consistent tillage depth and longer basket life. The rear rolling drum on 1245D models pushes down stones for additional draper head clearance during harvest. The Unverferth Rolling Harrow soil conditionerothers imitate, none duplicated.


The Unverferth Rolling Harrow soil conditioner has been proven in the field for more than 35 years. While others imitate this time-tested product, none can duplicate the innovative features and optimal performance of the Rolling Harrow.

MODEL 1245
The double basket design combines an aggressive front basket with angled blades that dig into the soil and propels larger soil clods into the rear, a passive basket with vertical blades that firm and condition the soil. The basket frame can be easily reversed for extra firming action in lighter soils.

The basket-drum design combines an aggressive front basket with a 13" diameter rear rolling drum with 1 1/2" welded cleats that drive the drum through the field while creating channels for enhanced water retention. Reversible scraper blades keep the drum clean during operation. On flat-, stack-, 15 cross- and 5-section vertical-fold models, automatic hydraulic transport locks maintain proper drum ground clearance during transportation.

The exclusive basket design features notched end and center discs for consistent tillage depth and the blade height is increased by 20% compared to previous models for increased soil penetration and extended life. The high-clearance, arched and oscillating double basket or basket-drum frame features a free-floating design to ensure uniform soil conditioning in a wide variety of field terrains and soil types.

Models 1245 and 1245D feature a lead 12.5" diameter robotically welded basket with a 1 5/8" center shaft providing full-width basket support and is ideal for pulling at conventional tillage speeds behind field cultivators and discs.

The double basket and basket-drum mounting arms feature pivot covers that prevent rocks and debris from accumulating, which ensures the basket oscillates and follows ground contours.

All baskets and drums on the Rolling Harrow soil conditioner feature patented 4-bolt greaseless bearings with a 1 1/8" square bore that can withstand heavy side-load stress during high-speed turns and triple lip seals with an exclusive shouldered construction that prevents the seals from reversing, keeping out dirt and debris.


The Unverferth Rolling Harrow soil conditioner models 1245 and 1245D are available in sizes ranging from 12 up to 63 and feature a 12 or 15 base with a stack-, flat-, cross- or 5-section vertical-fold design depending on size.

The oversized 5 x 5 adjustable length tongue can be extended from 10 2 to 19 2 on 12 base models and from 12 10 to 21 10 on 15 base models which provides a generous turning radius.

Depending on field conditions, generally to 1 horsepower per foot of Rolling Harrow is required and minimal weight is added to the lead tillage implement for reduced stress.

The main frame features 22" of ground transport clearance and utilizes 9.5L x 15 dual wheels and tires (11L x 15 duals on 5-section vertical fold) for exceptional transport stability. All models are standard with LED transport lighting and reflective markings for safer road travel and the parking jack permits convenient storage.

The tongue, main frame and wings are powder coated in your choice of tractor red or green for a long-lasting, high-quality finish.

The Rolling Harrow soil conditioner tillage tool is complete with all hydraulics, including couplers and protectors, to raise the transport wheels and fold the wings. All hydraulic hoses are rated at 3,000 PSI and are routed through the mainframe for longer life. One set of hydraulic remotes is required on 12 45 models and two remotes are required on 47 to 63 models. On 18 to 45 models, a single split-function valve allows the Rolling Harrow implement to raise completely before folding the wings on a single hydraulic remote. On 47 to 63 models, standard dual hydraulics allow the operator to run the raise and lower functions and the wing fold and unfold functions on two separate hydraulic remotes.


The optional leveling bar in front of the baskets is ideal for knocking down ridges and leaving a level soil surface. Each leveling bar section features tool-free adjustments with spring pressure for fine-tuning the aggressiveness, or it can be pinned up for high-residue fields.

The diagonal and curved round tooth leveling bar option combines optimum residue flow with enhanced field leveling because of the x 12 teeth that can handle heavier soils with moderate residue.

The straight spike tooth leveling bar option features forged x 11 diamond-shaped teeth that can handle the heaviest soils with minimal residue.

The coil-tine leveling bar option utilizes 3/8 x 17 spring tines for fields with lighter soils and heavy residue.

Thicker 3/8 thick blades are available for the Rolling Harrow basket in lieu of the standard thick blade for increased longevity when operating at higher tillage speeds.

A revelation in cover crop seeding! Nutrient management and erosion control are vital in today's agricultural world. We know cover crops can help us in these key areas, but how do you plant them efficiently and effectively? Introducing the all-new Cover Crop Seeder option for the Rolling Harrow soil conditioner. This innovative option permits one-pass seeding, tilling, and incorporating for a great crop start! Pull the unit behind a lead tillage tool or by itself for a high-speed application that works the seed into the ground for better seed-to-soil contact. You'll plant your cover crops faster and see a more consistent stand with this new and innovative seeder.

Available on 18' to 37' Rolling Harrow soil conditioner models 1245 and 1245D with a flat- or stack-fold. The hopper features a 32.5 bushel (40.5 cu. ft.) capacity, side-mounted sight windows, and a standard roll-over tarp with ground operation for protecting the hopper's contents.

A reliable air delivery system sends seed to the tapered seed deflectors which provide greater seeding accuracy. The seed deflectors are positioned closer to the ground to prevent the seed from drifting in the wind. Roller-style, chevron-patterned meters create a continuous flow of seed and can handle almost any cover crop seed. The meters can be easily removed for cleanout and slide gates provide easy, manual row shut-off of individual row units. The operator can quickly monitor fan pressure, seed level, and seed meter function with hopper-mounted indicator lights. Hydraulic drive metering needs 22 gallons per minute flow at 2,200 psi and requires a case drain on the tractor. Standard on/off operation is plumbed with the hydraulic raise/lower of the machine or can be operated with a cab-mounted foot switch. The standard seeding rate is controlled by tractor speed and electronic-over-hydraulic meter control or an optional Raven RCM ISOBUS controller is available for precise rate control.

All sizes of 1245 and 1245D Rolling Harrow soil conditioners can be equipped with an optional gooseneck hitch which raises the tongue 2 and lengthens the tongue 2 for added clearance from the lead tool and permits a tighter turning radius. A hydraulically operated offset tongue is available for all sizes of Rolling Harrow soil conditioners and allows the operator to adjust the Rolling Harrow over up to 2 over to match the outer edge of the lead implement to clear obstacles or run along the fields edge.

An available wing lift-assist option with 7.60 x 15 tires is available for 28 to 37 models with a flat- or stack-fold design (standard on 38 and larger models). For 5-section vertical-fold models, swivel caster wheels are available for the wing lift-assist in lieu of the standard wing lift-assist wheels.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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