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Efficient front end for smooth uniform feed, reducing cane losses and soil content
Large, premium cab integrates the latest technology with unparalleled comfort
John Deere-exclusive floating crop divider and contour basecutter height-control technology reduces soil content and cane loss
Harvester activity monitor (H.A.M.) will monitor harvester activities to improve operations

Harvest Monitor is an industry-exclusive technology from John Deere. Harvest Monitor gathers and analyzes valuable harvest information, enabling sugarcane producers to make smarter decisions that drive down harvesting costs and improve overall farming practices.

From the cab, the operator can monitor total tons harvested, harvester productivity, trash percentage, and fuel consumption. The operator can then use this information to make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize performance.

SmartClean is the latest enhancement of Harvest Monitor that allows automatic control of primary extractor fan speed based on the operators preferences in order to obtain the most profitable balance between cane cleanliness and reduced loss.

Through the John Deere Operations Center, the data can be processed to generate yield and other valuable maps and reports that will guide producers into making the right decisions on soil and water management, chemical application, crop renewal, field layout, equipment logistics, and much more.

Harvest Monitor with SmartClean is available as an option for model year 2021 CH570 and CH670 Sugar Cane Harvesters as part of Cane Advisor machine optimization technology package (code 2904). It can also be purchased as a field-installed kit for all CH570 and CH670 models. A separate SmartClean field-installed kit is available for CH570 and CH670 models already equipped with Harvest Monitor.

Harvest Monitor is much more than just a yield monitor. It includes:
Optical yield monitor
Elevator optical extraneous matter (trash) monitor
Primary extractor cane loss monitor
Primary extractor residue (trash) discharge monitor
Fuel per ton monitor
Pour-rate monitor
Elevation monitor
Transport load counter

The premium smart cab is 30 percent more spacious and offers all the necessary comfort, convenience, and intelligent features operators will ever need. Reduced noise levels (76 dB) plus improved air conditioning cooling with overhead vents will keep the operator relaxed during long working hours. Operators can access the cab conveniently from the right or from the left.

The wide windshield is curved for enhanced visibility and strength. The left- and right-hand folding arms, adjustable rearview mirrors, and the in-cab convex mirror facilitates viewing the elevator and wagon. The cab comes standard with windshield and side glass wipers with washer fluid nozzles. Eight lights are used on the cab, including four high-luminosity lights that greatly facilitate night operation.

The refrigerator, 37 L (1.3 cu ft) in size, keeps beverages and food items cold, even in a warm environment. The compressor-style refrigerator functions with independent temperature control and is powered from a 12-V receptacle in the rear cab wall that is powered when the ignition switch is in the run position. Access to the refrigerator is easy because the instructor seat can either be lifted, exposing the contents in the active refrigerator, or the front door of the refrigerator can be opened, also providing access to the contents. NOTE: The refrigerator is not available for all markets.

The CH570's basecutter and chopper set the benchmark for cutting and feeding in the global market. The standard 251-kW (337-hp) engine option has the basecutter and chopper on one high-pressure hydrostatic circuit driven by a powerful piston pump maximizing efficiency. The 280-kW (375-hp) option includes an additional piston pump so that the basecutter and chopper are in two independent circuits, increasing the capacity to process the heaviest cane.

The basecutter is driven by a powerful hydraulic piston motor. Its center-driven design with just four gears, balances the load and reduces wear, and is housed in a more robust cast-iron gearbox. The basecutter features large, standard 61-cm (24-in.) disks that can be upgraded to 55.9-cm (22-in.) steel disks to allow dirt to flow through in muddier conditions. Contour basecutter height control is a factory option that adjusts the basecutter height to achieve a predetermined cane stubble height. Once cut, the CH570's rotating, standard three-paddle closed buttlifter kicks the cane stalks up into the feedroller path and removes excess dirt before it enters.

The CH570's reliable cleaning system yields the cleanest cane in the industry. Cleaner cane, less billet loss, and less downtime will bring more profit. The CH570 boasts the largest primary extractor fan in the industry using four blades that measure 152 cm (5 ft) in diameter. This fan cleans at lower speeds, reducing horsepower consumption and cane losses. The fan speed can be adjusted effortlessly from the cab to adapt to the different cane conditions by simply varying the pump displacement. The fan is driven by a robust and efficient hydrostatic system with piston pump and motor.

The fan is mounted directly to the motor shaft, which means no bearings, no blade balancing, less vibration, and fewer components. The motor drive support system features four rubber-mounted legs to improve fan stability and reduce vibrations. The primary extractor fan's motor is internally mounted and does not need to be removed for transport. The conical hub cover reduces air voids and recirculation while the wide-design blade produces more airflow at lower rpm. The hard-surfaced blades combined with operating at a much lower speed results in significantly longer blade life.

The CH570 features a high-capacity, structural tube-frame elevator for extended durability. The elevator's perforated floor allows additional dirt to fall through after primary extraction. The top and bottom idler sprockets reduce wear and prolong the elevator's chain life. The tall sidewalls and 18-cm (7-in.) reversible slats will handle the heaviest cane, keeping billets from toppling over and falling back down the elevator. All of this sits on the CH570's heavy-duty swing table, designed to withstand the heaviest loads and toughest field conditions. The swing table also features an exclusive slew wiper to keep the area clean.

The unique floating crop divider technology was inherited by the CH570 and enhanced with an updated linkage system. The floating crop dividers follow the ground profile without plowing while constantly keeping the toe under lodged cane. The benefits are lower soil content, reduced cane loss, and minimum soil disturbance. The precision of the exclusive contour basecutter height control is enhanced with the addition of a pressure signal to the existing position input. The system ensures that cane is cut at the desired height, resulting in higher yield (tons of sugar/ha), cleaner cane, and healthier stubble for improved future crops.

Operators can count on these systems to accurately control the basecutter and crop dividers. This allows more time to concentrate on other functions such as topping, following the row, and loading. Basecutter height control and floating crop dividers are included in the Precision Ag, Machine Optimization Technology option (code 2903).

To reduce headland turnaround time, end-of-row and return-to-cut technology is also available. The harvester and crop dividers rise simultaneously with a single button when exiting the field and, upon entering the next row, the unit returns to the predefined cutting height setting.

Stress and fatigue are significantly lessened while optimizing harvester performance. The end-of-row and return-to-cut systems make the harvester operation so simple that the learning curve for inexperienced users is diminished considerably.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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