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When Unverferth introduced the first self-filling Seed Runner, it revolutionized the bulk seed handling industry with its patented design which pivoted the conveyor 180 for easy self-filling from ground level.

Today, we are excited to announce a new series of this patented product that is sure to bring your operation to a new level of efficiency. A new, low profile tank design with large top opening, patented 5-ply rubber conveyor belt design and Smooth-Start conveyor engagement just to name a few. Increased tank capacities and undercarriage options on models 4955DXL and longer conveyor on models 4955DXL.

The new, patented 5-ply rubber conveyor belt design features offset rows of cupped cleats to minimize seed damage while providing a greater carrying capacity:
o For the quickest unloading, choose the 10" conveyor on model 4955DXL featuring unloading speeds up to 45 bushels per minute
o Filling a larger, central fill planter or drill? The 8 conveyor features an unloading speed of up to 35 bushels per minute
o Filling individual planter or drill boxes? Do it with precise control with the 6 conveyor featuring unloading speeds up to 16 bushels per minute

Smooth-Start conveyor engagement gently brings the conveyor belt up to maximum speed to increase belt life

Electronic speed control module allows the operator to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt independently from the engine

All models are standard with two downspouts:
o 4' flex spout on all models ideal for filling central fill planters or drills
o Rubber funnel spout on model 4955DXL for easy self-filling
o 2-Stage downspout on all other models ideal for filling individual planter boxes

Tool-free removable belt access cover allows you to easily determine belt tension

The redesigned over-center hopper lock with larger rubber hopper intake increases seed flow

Standard canvas hopper cover with elastic band holds tightly around the hopper opening to safeguard contents

The conveyor features a patented self-filling design for easily filling the seed tender from ground level

Conveyor spring-lift assist for added ease when positioning the conveyor into the self-filling position

DXL models feature a 24' long single-stage conveyor measured from top to bottom bearing
o Model 4955DXL features a max unloading height of 16'6"

Self-filling is quick and easy with tool-free downspout removal

Cleaning out seed between varieties is a breeze using the tool-free removable hinged door at the bottom of the conveyor
o Model 4955DXL features a standard 3-function wireless remote

Hydraulically operated vertical height adjustment allows you to quickly position the conveyor where you need it:
o 4955DXL Models = 90 inches of adjustment

The conveyor can be positioned in the rear or swung 180 degrees to the front for road transport

Conveyor arm locking mechanism allows you to quickly and conveniently lock or unlock the conveyor from the pivot arm

Stainless-steel conveyor rollers and turntable plates provide maximum durability and 3/4 locking increments stops the end of the conveyor every 10 for added versatility

Protecting your investment is important to you and the 55-Series Seed Runner tenders are designed to handle seed with the greatest care:
o The conveyor inlet features patented side seals and a brush-seal-brush design to prevent seed from back feeding into the hopper and minimizing seed damage

The new extended-length rounded conveyor hood is rubber lined for enhanced seed flow and protection

A top-mounted, 6 cubic inch hydraulic motor pulls the belt forward, keeping it tight for the most efficient and gentlest seed movement

The new tank design features a low profile and oversized top opening for enhanced stability and easy self-filling
o Model 4955DXL features an 8' wide by 14'6" long top opening

Additional viewing windows in the upper portion of the tank and standard fill light indicators provide enhanced visibility of the seed level during the loading process

Interior slopes are graphite coated to ensure optimum seed clean-out

Model 4955DXL features bottom dump 10" wide by 15" long unloading doors for maximum seed flow
o All other models feature large 8 wide by 10 tall wheel operated unloading doors

The regulating baffle directs seed into the conveyor intake for increased unloading efficiency

Tank Design
Four tank sizes to fit your operations needs:
o Model 4955DXL features a 500 seed unit carrying capacity

All models feature a dual compartment tank design for handling multiple seed varieties

20" wide non-slip viewing ladder for quick and convenient load checking

18 oz. roll-over tarp that stays tightly locked at highway speeds

690 cc (22 HP) on model 4955DXL and 390 cc (13 HP) Honda gas engine with electric start and conveniently located controls

Models 4955DXL feature a heavy-duty undercarriage, oil bath hubs and a patent-pending rubber-cushioned suspension with shock absorbers for a smoother ride and longer life
o Model 4955DXL features a tandem undercarriage with 16,000 lb. axles and dually 235/75x17.5 highway tires
o These models also available with larger 285/70x19.5 tires

55-Series Seed Runner tenders are manufactured with the highest quality components for unmatched durability. Transportation from field to field goes quickly and smoothly with the rugged undercarriage

All Seed Runner models feature electric brakes on all axles and appropriate lighting for safer highway travel

Choose from a gooseneck or bumper pull hitch with 2-5/16 ball to meet your operations needs

The hydraulically driven T&G Applicators patent-pending design is synchronized with the conveyor speed for constant application of talc or graphite
50 lb. capacity and weather-tight hopper lid
The flow control valve provides easy rate adjustment from .5 lbs. to 9.4 lbs. per minute depending on material and composition

Turn your Seed Runner tender into a one-man operation with a wireless remote!
Includes an override switch box conveniently located on the seed tender to operate wireless functions without the remote
3-function wireless remote controls the conveyor on/off, raise/lower and opens/closes the unloading doors
Standard on model 4955DXL
6-function adds the ability to start/stop the engine, throttle the engine and swing the conveyor left/right
The 6- and 7-function wireless remotes include a scale readout for quick weight reference

Scale packages help you keep accurate records with a four-point load cell system for uniform weighing:
2410 scale package features standard weighing operations with an LCD indicator
2520 scale package provides the added versatility of auto shutoff for unloading a predetermined weight of seed and then automatically stopping the conveyor

New for the 55 Series is an optional gas strut lift-assist, 20 wide ladder
Patent pending ergonomic design that unfolds away from the tank for easy climbing and lifts up & stores behind the fender for transport

Aluminum wheel option for 375 and 275 seed unit models for enhanced styling and appearance
Cushioned gooseneck hitch receiver provides a smooth and gentle ride
Spare tire conveniently located on the hitch for quick access and added security
Three-stage downspout reaches up to 44 on XL models & 40 on non-XL models
Electric roll-tarp operation
LED tank and conveyor work lights for added operator convenience
Hydraulically operated jack available for both gooseneck & bumper pull hitches for quicker hookup

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications and data are subject to change without prior notice.
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