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What's the definition of quality when it comes to grain wagons? Try ours: Unverferth high-capacity grain wagons will still be making trips to town when the others arent good for much except temporary storage. Only Unverferth grain wagons are designed and built with the Innovative design and Quality manufacturing characteristics of durability, performance and convenience. Unverferth grain wagons are specifically designed to be pulled in tandem, fully loaded, and feature easy connections for convenient linking of units.

One-piece unitized box construction maximizes capacity and strength
Patented Ultrasteer chassis permits the tightest turns, yet allows 42" of runner spacing for greater stability
Torsion-bar suspension, four-corner mounting and spring hold down keep loads level in the field and over the road
Innovative latching chute provides easy opening and lowering and locking into transport position
Extra-large 60" unloading door with halogen spotlight permit quick unloading, day or night
Unloading door features rack-and-pinion gearing for easy opening
Steep-sloped sides with graphite-coated interior provide fast, clean unloading of the highest-moisture grain
Rear-mounted hitch, electrical outlet and chain attachment allow for easily connecting two grain wagons
Hydraulic surge-actuated drum brakes are standard on all models; rear wheel on model 530 and four-wheel on models 630 and 730
Brakes automatically disengage when backing up for enhanced productivity
Standard combination height-adjustable side- or center-dump deflector allows unloading flexibility
SMV, reflective striping and D.O.T.-approved flashing amber and red L.E.D. taillights are standard for safer road and field use
Capacity-rated transport chain with integrated chain anchor on tongue is standard
Available in high-gloss, baked-on finish of tractor red or green with all seams silicone sealed for a long-lasting finish

If you haul down gravel roads or use your wagon in muddy fields, optional fenders keep your Unverferth Grain Wagons looking their best for years down the road and feature sidemarker lights for greater visibility
For protecting wagon contents in the field and over the road, the Weather Guard roll over tarp fits the bill and features:
o Semi-trailer type locking mechanism for withstanding weather and wind extremes to keep the contents dry
o 18 oz. canvas for long life
o All holes are prelocated for easier customer installation

All Unverferth high-capacity grain wagons feature the patented Ultra-Steer chassis. This specially designed frame means you can turn in a 40 percent tighter radius!
Standard equipment four-wheel, surge-activated brakes on models 730 and 630 and two-wheel rear brakes on model 530 help ease the heaviest loads to a safe stop. Four-wheel brakes for model 530 are optional.
Brakes automatically disengage when the wagon is backing up.
The unloading chute is equipped with a center-dump deflector for pit unloading and the chute height is adjustable from 15 to 18. The metering door makes it easy to take grain samples for moisture and quality testing.
Steep-sloped floors result in fast and complete unloading, up to 625 bushels in only 90 seconds.

The unloading doors rack-and-pinion mechanism with gear reduction allows for easy door opening, even when the box is full.
The high-intensity lamp, located just above the unloading door, makes nighttime unloading as bright as high noon, and its on-off switch is built right into the light for operator convenience.
Wagons that unload on the left side are standard. Right-side unloading is available as an option.
All Unverferth high-capacity grain wagons feature a spring-lift-assist tongue and telescoping clevis hitch for easy, one-person hookup. Theres also a standard equipment, heavy-duty transport chain for safer road travel.
The front viewing ladder and front, rear and side windows make for easy checking of load contents.
ASAE-approved, high-intensity LED flashing amber and red taillights, SMV emblem, seven-pin electric receptacle, rear hitch and welded-steel safety chain connector make tandem towing easier, safer and more convenient.
Optional molded plastic fenders with mud flaps help protect the wagon finish from rock chips and other road debris. Fender sidemarker lights also improve nighttime transport visibility.
Optional Weatherguard tarp with 18 oz. canvas keeps contents dry. The semi-trailer locking design provides optimum protection from the wind. Effortless roll-over operation is conveniently performed from the ground.
All Unverferth high-capacity grain wagons can also be fitted with optional augers or conveyors for convenient handling of bulk seed or fertilizer.

Heavy-duty spindles and hubs provide years of dependable service.
All wiring is mesh-coated and routed through conduit for extra protection and longer life.
Unitized sidewall construction and the flame-cut one-piece end supports increase strength and capacity of Unverferth grain wagons.
The sleek design also has fewer joints and seams that can rust, and all exposed seams are silicone-sealed for increased corrosion resistance.
Your new Unverferth high-capacity grain wagon looks great when it arrives at your operation and will stay that way due to the full primer basecoat and a choice of tractor red or green high-gloss top coat for a car-like finish with increased durability.
Torsion bar suspension and extra-wide, 42" runner spacings keep your wagons level and stable, even when going across the rows. Four-corner mounting keeps box chatter to a minimum, even when towing empty.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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