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Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) application can provide many benefits to farming operations. The high concentration of 82% nitrogen equates to more valuable nutrients for the plant and since NH3 can bond to moisture in the soil, it can be available for a longer period of time. With this in mind, you can spread out your work load and apply anhydrous ammonia in the fall after harvest or in the spring before planting. The Unverferth Renegade applicator is made for farming operations that want to take control of their nutrient application program and apply the right product, at the right rate and at the right time. Toolbar widths range from 62.5' down to 27.5' and the heavy-duty design and standard wing flex allow you to quickly tackle your acres and maintain consistent depth.

The Renegades NH3 injection row unit features a lead coulter with 1,500 lbs. of down pressure, 1.25" by 2" edge bent shank, twin-spring shank mount and free-floating CoverMax closer coulters which ensure your high-value nutrient input is covered underneath the soil. All Renegade anhydrous ammonia applicators are standard with a Raven Vortex stainless steel cooler, ISOBUS controller and a single anhydrous ammonia safety coupler for convenient nurse tank connection. With a wide range of factory installed options and accessories, you can tailor your NH3 applicator to fit your operation's needs.

Available with toolbar sizes of 25-, 24-, 23-, 19- and 18-row with 30 spacing and a 36-row with 20 spacing
Heavy-duty 6x6 mainframe features a constant level design to maintain even depth and precise application over uneven terrain
.375 thick wall tubing on the mainframe and wings and a heavy-duty main wing hinge handles the larger toolbar sizes up to 62.5
Wing flex from 15 up and 9 down on the primary wing and 6 up and 9 down on the secondary wing to follow ground contours
Single-point manual depth control adjustment with a turnbuckle located at the tongue for convenient depth adjustment
Standard dual 385/65 R22.5 Oscillating tires on the main frame
The inner hydraulic lift wheel features 295/75 R22.5 tires and the outer gauge wheel features 20.5-8x10 tires

Toolbar widths are available from 62.5 down to 27.5 with row spacings of 20 or 30 depending on size
54 of toolbar rank on models 3500 and 2500 and 38 of toolbar rank on model 1500 for maximizing residue flow
The water tank provides quick access to clean water and a convenient storage container houses the operators manual
Transport chain, lighting kit and parking jack are all standard for safer transport and easy storage
Models 3500 and 2500 feature a CAT 4 ball swivel hitch and model 1500 features a CAT 3 single-tang hitch
Powder coated in your choice of tractor red or green for a long-lasting, high-quality finish

The lead coulter features heavy-duty square mounting posts to ensure it stays straight and slices through the soil to clear a path for the NH3 shank.
Swivel design provides 10 degrees of side-to-side movement to follow ground contours and changing terrain
20 diameter blade with 13 rippled waves cuts residue with 1,500 lbs. of downforce
6-bolt greaseable hubs with 5 layers of seal protection for long-term, trouble-free use
1.25 x 2 edge bent anhydrous ammonia shank features twin-spring shank mounts with 300 lbs. of trip force for consistent working depth and obstruction flexibility
The .75 NH3 knives feature a steel .375 tube for efficiently applying anhydrous ammonia underneath the soil
The CoverMax closing coulter sealer features two notched blades that are angled to fill and seal the slot which prevents fertilizer loss
Greaseless 1.25 plated pivot shaft with self-lubricating bushings and flat-face, zero-maintenance hubs with a 4-bolt design provide long-term, trouble-free use
Disc sealer arms operate independently from each other allowing for superior trash flow and continuous soil contact
17 of overall travel and 9 of vertical travel from working depth allows the sealers to climb over obstacles
Adjustable blade position and pitch allow you to customize to match your soil profile

Tool-free adjustable rear nurse tank hitch features a retractable design for easy hookup
This hitch design retracts towards the front of the applicator so it can automatically lock when the operator drives forward, increasing the safety of the machine because the operator does not need to remember to back up to lock the hitch
Single NH3 nurse tank safety coupler features a splash guard and quick disconnect for easier and safer operation
The anhydrous ammonia nurse tank coupler utilizes 1.25 plumbing as standard with 1.5 available as optional
The Renegade applicators are standard with a Raven ISOBUS rate controller and 50 gallon per minute single stainless steel Vortex cooler with 1.5 single fast valve
2-Section John Blue Impellicones with Raven shutoff valves on models 3500 and 2500, and 1-section control on model 1500

2-, 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-section plumbing with John Blue Impellicones in lieu-of the standard 2-section or 1-section plumbing depending on the model and size for application versatility
Continental A360 manifolds with 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-section plumbing in-lieu of John Blue Impellicones depending on the model and size
Raven 450 rate controller in-lieu of ISOBUS rate controller (Requires dual flow control valves)
High-volume PWM Raven cooler pump increases flow to 80 gallons per minute (Requires ISOBUS control)
1.5 dual valves in-lieu of the single fast valve is available for any controller option but is required when ordering less ISOBUS or with a Raven 450:
o Low-volume 1 single fast valve reduces output to 30 gallons per minute can be used with ISOBUS rate controller
o Low-volume 1 dual valves reduces output to 30 gallons per minute and can be used with ISOBUS, Raven 450 or less rate control option
Double safety NH3 couplers with 1.25 plumbing in-lieu of standard single coupler for tending two nurse tanks (1.5 plumbing is available for the safety NH3 coupler systems in-lieu of the 1.25 plumbing)
Dual nurse tank hitch add-on kit makes for a total of 3 hitches and allows the operator to pull two nurse tanks in the field and one nurse tank at the center of the toolbar during road transport (Available on 19-, 23- and 25-Row 30 models)
N-Serve direct injection system features dual 55-gallon tanks with Raven direct injection pump that provides 1-40 oz. of flow and Ts into the plumbing after the cooler (N-Serve preserves the fertilizer in the soil for a longer period of time. Requires Raven ISOBUS controller)

On model 3500, dual 12.4 R38 R-1 tractor tires are available on the mainframe in-lieu of the dual 385/65 R22.5 tires to provide greater crop clearance and added flotation
On model 2500, single 385/85 R34 R-1 tractor tires are available on the main frame in-lieu of the dual 385/65 R22.5 truck tires on 13-, 15-, 17-, 19-Row 30 and 18-Row 20 sizes
On model 2500, dual 385/65 R22.5 oscillating tires on the mainframe are available in-lieu of the dual 295/75 R22.5 tires
On model 1500, a walking tandem system with 11L-15 tires are available for the mainframe in-lieu of the dual 11L-15 tires
On models 3500 and 2500, 385/65 R22.5 tires for the wing lift wheels are available in lieu-of the 295/75 R22.5 tires
On model 1500, a walking tandem lift wheel system with 11L-15 tires is available in-lieu of the single lift wheels
Available on 13-, 15- and 17-Row 30 models

20 Vortex coulter blades in-lieu of 20 rippled blades for more aggressive tillage
MaxForce shank mounts in-lieu of the twin spring cushioned shank mounts
Ensures accurate depth in heavy soil types with rocks
790 lbs. of trip force and 6 of vertical travel from working depth
Greaseless bearing pivot points reduce maintenance requirements
1.75 anhydrous ammonia knives with steel .375 drop tube in-lieu of .75 knife
.75 and 1.75 freeze-less anhydrous ammonia knives available in-lieu of the .75 knife
Disc sealer spring add-on kit adds down pressure to the CoverMax sealers
17 wavy blades are available in-lieu of the notched blades on the CoverMax sealers for increased soil movement

CAT 5 ball swivel hitch with 3 mounting holes for adjusting height position on models 3500 and 2500
CAT 4 hitch on model 1500 for different tractor sizes
Clevis hitch available on all models for pulling with a truck
Drop hitch extension assembly on model 1500 lowers the overall hitch height by 4.375

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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