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Who says a small square haymaker cant be a commercial operator? With John Deere square balers, you can produce as many small square bales in a season as the job calls for: whether thats enough to feed a couple of horses, or enough to support your farm and a few neighbors, as well. Three affordable models offer the field-proven crop control system you need to make solid, square-sided bales that are easy to stack and transport every time.

Sure, theyre called small square balers. But theyre all about big performance. One firm bale to the next, John Deere square balers create consistent square bales that pack in crop to minimize leaf loss and secure bales for the long haul. Offset design lets you monitor crop flow more easily, while allowing you to use the full width of the pickup without disturbing the windrow. Nothing fancy, but then we didnt build them to walk the red carpet. Our square balers are made for serious haymakers with serious chores, so you can get crop up and delivered to the barn all before supper.

Continuous-flow floating auger moves hay away from the pickup to the pre-compression chamber. Free-floating motion automatically adjusts to hay volume, maintaining control of incoming crop.
Bale tensioner is manually adjusted using the hand crank to apply the right amount of tension to the bale. Even easier is the available hydraulic bale tensioner. One knob lets you manage bale density to meet crop variations and desired bale weight.
Never-miss knotters catch every time to give you a reliable, secure twine wrap. Theyre highly dependable for an accurate, fast acting catch even in the toughest crops.
Full-width feeding pickup goes flare to flare with tight-fitting teeth and narrow strippers to gather hay in wide, heavy windrows.

The adjustable hay compressor mounts to and floats with the pickup and helps to maintain the same relationship to the pickup teeth at all operating heights. The hay compressor also controls hay for continuous positive delivery to the auger.

The hay compressor is adjustable to nine positions to maintain positive control of hay in either large and heavy or light and fluffy windrows. It can easily be removed with two spring pins for access to the auger or feed opening.

The deep-flighted auger continuously moves hay away from the pickup to the pre-compression chamber:
Adds to the overall capacity
Produces higher-quality hay
Allows minimal crop contact with pickup teeth, which minimizes leaf loss

The free-floating auger raises or lowers to match and maintain control of incoming crop. Hay turns in the tapered auger housing, which enables the feeder forks to fold each charge as it enters the bale case to produce uniform bales. The crop is pre-compressed for better bale uniformity. The auger system has few moving parts for less wear and less chance of untimely breakdowns.

Knotters driven by shaft and gears provide a positive drive for dependable and accurate functioning.

The timing of knotters and needles is easy:
Remove one bolt and match the gears
Timing slot enables easy positioning of the plunger

The tucker finger holds the twine over the billhooks during the tying cycle:
Eliminates twine finger
Reduces the chance of twine damage
Notch controls the twine position over the billhook for improved knotter function
Ball-joint-style pull links ensure accurate adjustment

The hydraulic bale tension permits easy adjustment of bale density to meet crop variations and desired bale weight:
Hydraulic cylinders replace springs that would typically control the density of the bale
Exerts constant and uniform pressure on each bale
Easy to use
One knob controls the tension applied to the bale
By increasing the tension, the bale weight also increases

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