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John Deere aerators employ a Flexi-Link design to ensure the tines stay perpendicular longer for a higher-quality hole without sacrificing efficiency. Easily accessible belts power the systems instead of chains, making them quieter and easier to maintain. For fast, quality results, they deliver every time.

57.5-inch coring swath
Flexi-link supporting arm
Fiberglass reinforced belts for quiet operation
Produces up to 900,000 holes per hour

Productivity for aeration equipment is measured in two ways: Square feet per hour and the number of holes per square foot.

The Aercore models excel in both areas. All of these aerators can pull as many as 30 cores per square foot. The number of holes per square foot is a variable number based on the ground speed of the tractor. Most competitors try to quote high numbers of square feet per hour.

The Aercore 2000, 1500, and 1000 use the same belt-driven design, which provides a quiet, smooth operation that does not require lubrication. A matched pair of fiberglass-reinforced belts provides long life and requires minimal adjustments.

Even the occasional belt replacement is made easy by having all the belt drive components located on top of the machine, where they are easily accessible. All the drive components are easily located for daily checks and routine maintenance. The entire drive assembly utilizes sealed bearings, so there is no need for daily lubrication.

Four sizes of tine holders are available for the Aercore aerators; the choice is determined by the turf's needs:

4X tine holders are suited for those who want larger tines that have the closest-possible side-to-side hole spacing. The 4X tine holders have a hole spacing of 2.4 in. (61 mm). There are two 4X tine holdersone for tines with a 7/8-in. (22.2-mm) mounting diameter and one for tines with a 3/4-in. (19.0-mm) mounting diameter.

3X tine holders are also for larger tines, but at a wider spacing. The 3X tine holders have a spacing of 3.2 in. (81.3 mm). There are also 3X tine holdersone for tines with a 7/8-in. (22.2-mm) mounting diameter and one for tines with a 3/4-in. (19.0-mm) mounting diameter.

Mini tine holders are for those who want to poke a lot of small holes. Mini tine holders provide a hole spacing of 1-3/8 in. (34.5 mm). The mini tine holder is compatible with tines that have a 3/8-in. (9.65-mm) mounting diameter.

Needle tine holders are for making the smallest-possible hole when aerating greens. Disruptions of play can be minimized by not having to pick up cores after aeration. Needle tine holders provide a hole spacing of 1-3/8 in. (34.5 mm). The needle tine holder is compatible with both the 0.20-in. (5-mm) and 0.31-in. (8-mm) tines. NOTE: These holders are for the L-shaped needle tines.

Serviceability is a key issue on aeration equipment, and the Aercore 1000, 1500, and 2000 have the best service access in the industry. As the photo illustrates, with the cover lifted up, the drive assembly is readily accessed.

The entire tine ram assembly can be removed in a matter of minutes by removing a single cap screw on the top end and four bolts on the rear frame. Tines can easily be changed from the rear of the machine in minutes, as well.

Access to the tine holders is also achieved from the rear of the machine, making it very convenient to alter the hole spacing with a different set of tine holders. Belt changes can be easily accomplished because they are readily accessible.

The park stand design allows quick and easy removal of the park stands for aerification and easy attachment for storage. No tools are needed to remove and attach the improved park stands.

The Aercore 1000, 1500, and 2000 have a large, 6-in. (15.2-cm) diameter roller, which provides better ground clearance and reduces the potential for turf scuffing in undulating areas.

*At 3600 rpm. Engine manufacturer gross power per SAE J1940. Tested in accordance with SAE J1995. The engine hp and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating hp and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturers web site for additional information.

Any warranty may be limited to months/hours used and varies by model. See your dealer for details.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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