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Time is critical when it comes to mowing and drying down your hay crop. Now you can get more done and produce high quality hay with the new John Deere Zero Series Mower-Conditioners. Cover more acres per hour with the new C500 Mower-Conditioner. The new lighter weight C400 Mower-Conditioner gives you a wider range of tractor compatibility, and increased ability to customize your windrow. All with the newly redesigned John Deere Zero Series Mower-Conditioners.

Reduce service time with Quick Change Knives
Updated design and styling
Decreased horsepower and fuel requirements due to lighter weight1
Easier serviceability with modular-design cutterbar
Impeller, urethane or V-10 conditioners

Conditioning reduces the time required for dry down
Multiple conditioner options match a wide variety of crop types
Faster dry down can increase nutrients retained in harvested crops
Suitable for traditional dry hay or haylage operations

Impeller ideal for light-stemmed grasses and alfalfa that respond well to scuffing of the stems
Urethane a soft roll that provides excellent performance in legumes and grasses
V10 steel increased crimping for faster dry down and improved wear life
Tri-Lobe conditioner a premium, patented roll system that uses a chevron design to crimp and crush

Nodular iron modules are highly resistant to impact damage
Large, heavy-duty idler gears reduce driveline speed and wear
Shear hub protection minimizes cost and decreases repair time in the field
Gauge shoes provide accurate control of cut height and protect cutterbar
Low-profile cutterbar allows the operator to cut at a flatter angle for improved cut quality and reduced wear on components
Common oil bath keeps internal components lubricated and reduce oil-level checkpoints

Reduces damage to the cutterbar and driveline components
Improved uptime with limited disassembly required

The gauge shoe setting determines the height of the crop stubble, but also prevents the majority of the cutterbar from being in constant contact with abrasive soils and rocks. The S250, S300, S350, C300, C350, and C400 have three height adjustments on the gauge shoe. The C450 and C500 come from the factory with six adjustments. Through service attachments, gauge shoe extensions are available to increase the number of adjustments if there is a need for higher stubble height.

Reduce time to change knives by more than 50 percent over the bolted system
Base equipment for every John Deere mower conditioner
Kits are available to retrofit most 600, 800, and 900 Series Mower-Conditioners

Quickly move between fields when road transport is required
Minimize transport dimensions for improved narrow road transport

Side-pull models (S250, S300, and S350) have the tongue positioned in the center of the frame and drivelines that enter from the top to improve transport width.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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