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When youre ready to take things to the next level, the 9000 Series is your Self-Propelled Forage Harvester. Think top-of-the-line crop analysis and documentation capabilities, unparalleled forage quality with an exceptionally robust kernel processor all powered by a true goliath of an engine with all the power anyone could ever need. Go ahead and take your business further.
HP: 775 Max / 740 Rated
JD18X 18.0L engine
New spout with improved crop flow and visibility
Field-proven kernel processing options

The John Deere JD18X engine with 18L (1098-cu in.) displacement delivers unmatched performance and characteristics. The unique engine characteristic and efficiency brings the John Deere self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH) into another performance league in the 700- to 800-PS (690.4- to 789-hp) power class. With the JD18X engine comes unique features and high comfort on the 9500 and 9600 SPFH models.

Perfect engine characteristic for SPFH application
Diesel only engine no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)/AdBlue with Final Tier 4 (FT4)/ Stage V (EU) emission regulations
HarvestMotion Plus
Long engine oil service interval (750 hours)

The unbeatable performance of the JD18X engine together with the HarvestMotion Plus concept achieves unique power and torque rise in the 700- to 800-PS (690.4- to 789-hp) power class. The unique engine characteristics with constant, strong power and torque rise at around 1300 rpm provides a highly efficient forage harvester and comfortable driving in every situation.

A state-of-the-art engine with ideal performance characteristics and low specific fuel consumption perfectly aligns and synchronizes with a superior crop flow. This is the John Deere HarvestMotion Plus concept. The Plus stands for unique torque rise and more power at low engine rpm an experience of pure performance and efficiency without any compromise. Additionally, there is no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) required.

The HarvestMotion Plus advantage:
13 percent less fluid consumption (diesel plus DEF)
48 kW (64.4 hp) of extra power at low engine rpm to easily digest peak loads
Simple is strong reliable harvest capacity

Less engine rpm, more power, and a unique torque rise this is what HarvestMotion Plus delivers. The JD18X engine has been tailored to the needs of an agricultural harvesting machine. Operators will feel its strength, and owners will profit off its harvesting capacity. The 18L (1098-cu in.) John Deere engine in the 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester (SPFH) with the HarvestMotion Plus concept is a winning combination.

John Deere rotary harvesting units are built for reliable and powerful feeding of high-capacity forage harvesters. Two fundamental designs are available to match all producer needs. The 600plus Series Headers are the universal solution for different crops up to 4-m (13.1-ft) tall. The 700plus Series Headers are the perfect solution for high-yielding crops. Available beginning in model year 2019, the top-model 772 12-Row Large-Drum Rotary Harvesting Unit has been designed to fully leverage the capacity of 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH).

The 6X9 Series Pickups with the patented endless flight vortex auger design and optional dual header drive enable high-capacity feeding of John Deere SPFH. Key advantages are the throughput boost in high-yielding crops but also the easy handling of uneven windrows.

John Deere SPFH come with variable header drive in base. The header speed is automatically synchronized with the feeding speed and length of chop through a hydrostatic IVT drive system. This ensures a gentle and even crop transfer from the header into the machine without blocking or disrupting material transition. Producers receive the benefit of high chopping quality and full leverage of the header and crop flow potential.

Dual header drive for the SPFH and the 6X9 Series Pickups complements the benefits of the variable header drive. While the variable header drive automatically synchronizes the pickup auger and harvester feeding speed, the dual header drive with its individual hydraulic drive of the pickup tines is speed matched with vehicle speed to ensure clean crop picking in changing conditions and windows.

John Deere self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH) set new standards in kernel processing performance. Proven in independent tests during corn harvest in 2016 and 2017, John Deere kernel processors (KP) deliver smashed kernels and highly processed plants that growers expect. With two different models, the John Deere Premium KP kernel processor and the John Deere XStream KP kernel processor, all different needs will be satisfied.

Additional details
All John Deere SPFH can be operated with or without a kernel processing unit in position. When not in use, a crop transition chute (or grass chute) swings into position with a few turns of a crank. The crop transition chute comes standard on all harvesters.

The SPFH feature the AutoLube central greasing harness; the respective central greasing equipment is available on the Premium KP kernel processor. The XStream KP kernel processor features automatic pressurized oil lubrication.

The John Deere Premium KP is available for the 9500 to 9800 models, and the John Deere XStream KP is available for all 9000 Series models. The 9900 model can only be equipped with an XStream KP.

On the 9000 Series, the proven John Deere Premium KP can be installed on the 9500 through 9800 models. With their highly intense processing, they deliver excellent forage quality at any length of cut.

The main features of the Premium KP are:
240-mm (9.45-in.) roll diameter for different crops (maize and whole crop)
32 percent speed differential; option of 40 percent speed differential
Standard KP housing with grease lubrication in base
Electric KP gap adjustment from the cab as option

The following rolls are available for the Premium KP:
Standard sawtooth (118/118 teeth)
Dura Line sawtooth (118/118 teeth)
Whole crop sawtooth (178/178 teeth)

Due to increased machine usage (chopping more tons per hour), standard high-quality steel parts need to be replaced more frequently. Since 2010, John Deere has been meeting the challenge and exceeding expectations with Dura Line wear parts.

Dura Line components were developed by John Deere and are installed in high wear spots on the self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH), mainly in the crop flow. The technology is normally used for heavy-duty environments such as mining and machine tooling. It is the highest material quality in the industry that is installed on an SPFH.

The coating is extremely wear resistant with an extraordinarily smooth surface due to the special heat treatment and a proprietary tungsten carbide composition.
Dura Line provides a permanent fast-chopping process with low crop friction on the components while fuel consumption remains low.
Tests show that when chopping in the same crop conditions and chopping the same tonnage, Dura Line parts last four times as long as, or longer than, standard parts. Time and money associated with replacing parts are significantly reduced.

Dura Line Guarantee
The Dura Line guarantee provides a specified number of engine hours or time of usage (whichever comes first) for the different Dura Line liners. The Dura Line guarantee was first introduced in 2017 and is valid for all 8000 and 9000 Series SPFH models. Dura Line liners damaged from foreign material or misuse are excluded. Only parts that are completely worn are replaced.

For more information about the Dura Line guarantee, contact your local dealer.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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