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See the flow of seed & fertilizer from the cab with RelativeFlow blockage monitoring
Positive depth control features and options
Choice of ground-engaging openers
Longer machine life with flexible frame

To win big in small grains, it takes a seeding solution that superseeds your expectations. John Deere delivers with a complete line of everything you need and the sizes you want to seed for success. Air-hoe drills. Commodity air carts. No-till air drills. Openers. Fertilizer attachments. Central commodity systems. Box drills. Plus precision ag technology to stretch your productivity to higher levels. But its far more than iron and technology. Its the exceptional agronomic know-how and unsurpassed dealer support in all phases of production to keep you running. With our latest additions to equipment and openers, our seeding solutions deliver the next-generation performance you need to help you reach the full potential of each seed. Thats our commitment to you.

Producers are more attuned to the importance of seed depth than ever before. A uniform-looking field is not the only goal; yield is too. Proven yield penalties across the world range from 5 percent to 25 percent, depending on depth variance. The H500 and H500F feature diagonal mainframes and wing flexing helping openers maintain their depth over uneven terrain.

The life requirement of these robust machines is four times longer than previous models. That is why the John Deere seeding group has built even more durability into the H500 and H500F Air Hoe Drills. An advanced and rigorous testing program has proven the machine durability to the extent that John Deere now offers a three-year frame warranty with each H500 and H500F that rolls out of the factory.

Robust ball joints connect strong fore-aft tubes to 100-mm x 100-mm (4-in. x 4-in.) rank tubes, which are joined to one another by pivoting rank connectors. Both the mainframe and wing sections share this durable construction that enables the frame to flex diagonally, relieving stress on solid frame members and avoiding frame failures. Seed smart with confidence that the H500 and H500F will endure the field conditions.

Setting depth is one of the most critical adjustments an operator will make to a seeding tool. John Deere understands every operator needs dependable, repeatable depth control that is easily adjustable. That is why John Deere provides a choice of two depth control options on the H500 and H500F.

Often-heard are comments from producers who say they prefer the positive mechanical depth control offered by the 1820. This popular concept is base equipment on the H500 and H550 air hoe drills. Two indexed depth shim packs on the mainframe are not only easy to set, but reduce the number of adjustment sites over previous designs by up to 60 percent. Less time adjusting means more time seeding.

Changing field conditions such as moisture levels and soil types can make setting depth a challenge. TouchSet depth control makes adjusting depth in response to changing field conditions easy and profitable. On 8R and 9R Series tractors, the operator uses selective control valve (SCV) #1 and the SCV TouchSet control panel to perform all the depth control functions from the seat. Considering yield penalties of 5 percent due to seeding 2.5 cm (1 in.) too deep or too shallow, the convenience of in-cab adjustment pays nicely.

How does it work? The operator uses the TouchSet (SCV setup panel) to set or change the operator depth. With the implement nine-pin connector connected to the tractor, start the tractor; a P will appear in the window of the control panel under SCV #1.

The remote sensor located on the rockshaft monitors position of the implement.
After operating depth is measured at the ground engaging tool and the desired depth obtained, press the lower set button on the control panel. That depth is now set.
On-the-go depth changes can be made by touching the set button to select a new depth.
Implement raise height selection uses the upper set button on the control panel to preset the distance the implement is raised above the operating depth.

Preset the raise height to:
Take out wheel tracks on headlands
Limit raise height for waterway crossings
Manual depth override capacity

A remote position sensor (1) is located at the rear of the drill; electronically monitors the positions of the implement. An electrical connector is used for easy hookup of TouchSet depth control sensor on the implement to the tractor system (8R Tractor illustrated).

NOTE: Repeatability is +/- 6 mm (0.25 in.) to preset depth. If your seeding operation requires accuracy greater than +/- 6 mm (0.25 in.), the use of shim packs is recommended.

Many producers enjoy the moisture-saving benefits of low-disturbance seeding. To make it easier for them to reap the rewards of low-disturbance seeding, factory-installed knife bodies are available for H500 and H500F Drills.

The knife bodies are available in 2.5 cm (1 in.) or 10.2 cm (4 in.) spread points. Use the 2.5-cm (1-in.) point for low disturbance or, if a wider spread pattern is desired to increase seedbed utilization, use the 10.2-cm (4-in.) point. The points can be quickly changed with a single roll-pin fastening system and feature carbide tips to ensure long life.

The knife bodies also feature a positive hose retention system with provisions for a hose clamp to hold the hose in place. These knife bodies may not perform as designed in wet, sticky soil conditions.

NOTE: Points and roll pins are not included. Points and roll pins are available through Service Parts.

Perma-Loc spoons and sweeps from John Deere offer reduced maintenance because the Perma-Loc design enables a change-out up to five times faster than traditional bolt-on components. They also offer cost savings because with Perma-Loc spoons and sweeps, there is no more purchasing hardware each time spoons are changed out. This can save $309 USD list price when changing out the spoons on a 18.3-m (60-ft) tool with 19-cm (7.5-in.) spacing.

The high-productivity sweep from John Deere was developed to meet current tillage practices and compete in the high-productivity, high working speed market. Thanks to its low profile, curved wing shape, the high-productivity sweep:
Performs best at a speed of 11.3 km/h to 16.1 km/h (7 mph to 10 mph)
Easily moves through tougher and higher volume residue
Retains its shape and width during its wear life
Wear life is longer than Tru-Width sweeps and equal or better than competitors
Excellent weed control performance

The high-productivity sweeps for the John Deere H500 Air Hoe Drill comes in 178-mm (7-in.), 229-mm (9-in.), and 254-mm (10-in.), and 305-mm (12-in.) widths, both in the bolt-on and the Perma-Loc version. They fit all 47-degree standards with 44.5-mm (1.75-in.) hole spacing and 11.1-mm (7/16-in.) that currently take Tru-Width sweeps, both John Deere and other makes.

The high-productivity Perma-Loc style sweeps use the current Perma-Loc adapter for 47-degree curved standard N237614. Tru-Width sweeps with the Perma-Loc adapter can seamlessly move the high-productivity sweeps. The high-productivity sweep also exerts less draft than Tru-Width and major competitors, reducing engine horsepower requirements and diesel consumption. Save time and money and seed smart with John Deere Perma-Loc spoons or sweeps.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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