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JOHN DEERE - 455 Back

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Box drills are not all created equal. To choose the right John Deere drill for your needs, answer the questions below. Then, visit your dealer for help with your final selection.

1. What crops are you drilling?
Soybeans: Your best choice is the 1590 No-Till Drill. When ordered with the front-rank lock-up option, the 1590's 7.5- or 10-inch spacing converts to 15- or 20-inch spacing.

Small grains or grasses: Select from the 1590 No-Till Drill, the 1520 Drill or the 455 Folding Drill. All can be equipped with a grass-seed attachment, and several row-spacing options are available.

2. What are your residue levels?
A drill's residue-handling capabilities rest largely on its opener. In fields with minimal residue, the double-disk opener on the 455 Drills works well. For no-till, don't settle for anything but the single-disk opener found on the 1590. It provides superb results in conservation applications.

3. How critical is consistent depth control?
If you're drilling soybeans, canola or alfalfa, it's essential to maintain a uniform seeding depth. That's why the 1590 Drill has a depth-gauging wheel located right where the seed enters the soil. All other drills are available with depth-gauging wheels that trail behind the opener. Most not only provide consistent depth control, but also firm seed into the furrow.

Patented active hydraulic down-pressure system
Double-disk furrow openers
Seedbox capacities
Grass seed attachment


Seed boxes have a large capacity for longer intervals between stops for refilling. Plain grain or combination grain/fertilizer seed boxes are available to match the producer's needs.

The versatile grain/fertilizer box has a three-position divider that can be set for 100 percent grain, 60 percent grain, or 40 percent grain.

The bulkheads in the seedbox reduce material shifting in the box for increased seeding efficiency.
A sight glass, located near the end of the box, allows the operator to view seed level at a glance.
Steel footboards with 25.4-mm (1-in.) diameter perforations allow convenient, safe access to the seed/fertilizer boxes.
In-line box design allows quick and easy filling.

A grass seeder attachment is available (see attachments in the Ag Sales Manual). The grass seeder attaches to the front of the seedbox and is commonly used for grasses and alfalfa.

Tank shield plates are available from Parts (see attachment for field conversion),
Protects box-end panels from damage
Ideal for operating in very irregular terrain, where box panels could contact each other

A fully hydraulic front fold/unfold system makes folding on the 455 Drills, for transport a true one-person operation.
Requires less than 5 minutes to fold or unfold
Transport width is narrow as 4.6 m (15 ft, 2 in.)

High opener transport clearance allows moving over ditches, railroad crossings, and other trouble spots without worry.

Opener to road clearance:
533.4-mm (21-in.) on 9.15-m (30-ft) and 10.7-m (35-ft) models
457.2-mm (18-in.) on 7.6-m (25-ft) model

Units are raised and lowered for transport with standard equipment-lift cylinders:
Two 76.2-mm x 203.2-mm (3-in. x 8-in.) cylinders on 7.6-m (25-ft) drill
Two 88.9-mm x 254-mm (3.5-in. x 10-in.) cylinders on 9.15-m (30-ft) and 10.7-m (35-ft) drills

There are four frame-mounted tires: 11L-15, 10 PR rib implement on all three drill sizes.

Warning lights are in base equipment for improved visibility when transporting

See your John Deere dealer for a complete list of available features and options.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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