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Our Plus2 Accumulator is an industry-first, delivering full integration, superior maneuverability and time and cost savings unlike anything else. Imagine collecting your bales in less than half the time. Picture your field in top shape, your yield protected, after collection. And whats more, the Plus2 retrofits back to the 7, 8 and 9 Series Round Balers for maximum compatibility.

Designed exclusively for John Deere 7, 8, 9 and Zero Series Round Balers, the Plus2 Accumulators are the industrys first fully integrated round bale accumulators.

Round baler must have MegaWide pickup and 21.5L x 16.1 high-flotation tires and spindles

From flat plains to rolling hills, the Plus2 Accumulators put you in control of grouping bales where and when you want. With the ability to strategically place one or two bales in lines or small groups in a flat area of your field, while making a third bale, means you could cut your pickup time by as much as 50%. That reduction in pickup time translates to an approximate savings of up to $1.00 or more per bale in reduced logistics costs. And when you control the placement, you control field impact. Aligning bales for quick collection means less wheel traffic, which helps reduce field compaction and protects regrowth from multiple passes. So in addition to saving time and money, youre saving your crop yield for your next cutting.

Designed and manufactured by John Deere, both the A420R and A520R are engineered to fit on all 6-ft.
John Deere 7, 8, 9 and Zero Series Round Balers, including models equipped with a MegaWide HC.

Not only are collection efforts simplified, but weve got you covered with operation and maneuverability as well. All controls are integrated through the tractor and baler, leaving no need for a separate control box or monitor. Just open and close the gate - the accumulator does the rest. And the maneuverability is unmatched. Gone are the days of jackknifing on a hill in order to save your bales from rolling away. The accumulators gently release bales on the go without leaving the windrow and with little to no rolling, making placement a breeze.

Separate hydraulics for the cart tilt allow you to drop the bales at any time during baling for that perfect line of bales in your field. And unlike competitive models that are long and bulky, the Plus2 Accumulators bolt directly to the baler frame, maximizing maneuverability so backing into your shop or turning in the field is the same as without an accumulator. When it comes time to transport, the wings manually extend and retract, so transport width is no wider than the baler, making travel on roadways and through narrow gates easy.

Downhill operating range is seven degrees

Because the accumulator is integrated into the frame of the baler, the baler's current maneuverability is maintained. Current solutions in the market are towed behind the baler, making it very difficult to back up or make tight corners around the farm. Tow-behind solutions require a more proficient tractor operator and more looking back at the baler and accumulator.

The integrated design of the Plus2 increases productivity for producers who bale on hills. This allows for bales to be ejected on any landscape, saving baling time in hilly conditions where operators have to travel or jockey the baler to drop bales. This will minimize or eliminate losing bales down hills.

Finally, the Plus2 provides the operator with an easy line of sight to see how many bales are on the cart. Visibility to the cart is easily accomplished by looking in the mirrors. There is no required additional expense for another monitor or camera (camera system is available as aftermarket kit).

The bale sensing switch is in a position to detect the bale once it has exited the bale chamber. This assures proper transfer from baler to cart. Since the transfer arm is directly connected to the gate via chains, allowing the gate to open fully with a bale in an incorrect position could result in a bale getting stuck in front of the transfer arm. If there is no bale in the chamber and the gate is opened, the gate will only open to approximately 40 degrees.

The wiring harness for the Plus2 has an override switch located in the cab of the tractor that is used when the gate needs to be opened for servicing the baler or accumulator, when the bale chamber is empty. Once that switch is activated, the gate can be opened to the full height and it will not disrupt the sequence of the slider.

Running a 7, 8, 9, or 0 Series Baler with a Plus2 Accumulator provides a very similar baling experience for the operator as it was prior to the accumulator thanks to the alternating hydraulic slide. Once the bale is wrapped, the gate is opened and the transfer arm moves the bale to the open position of the cart. When the bale is slid onto the cart, then the gate will close. The only time added to the overall cycle time is the sliding of the bale which takes approximately 2 seconds.

The bale damper arm, located on the rear of the cart, absorbs the energy of the bale as it is transferred. This feature keeps the bale on the cart at inclines up to 16 degrees. The bale damper can be swung open to gain better access for net loading and service. It is critical that the damper arm is reassembled properly after being opened. If the damper arm is not locked back into the operating position when baling resumes, it can be torn from the cart on the first dump.

In order to maximize efficiency, the Plus2 Round Bale Accumulators are able to place or dump the bales from the cart while the tractor is moving. The third selective control valve (SCV) controls the dump functions of the cart. When actuated, the entire cart tilts, dumping all bales that it is carrying at that point.

This patented feature is able to get the rearward speed of the bale to match the ground speed of the tractor by adjusting a valve under the tongue. The end result is a bale that stops still in the field as the operator continue driving forward.

When dumping on the go, the speed at which the cart tilts affects how much the bale rolls when it hits the ground. Faster ground speed while baling requires a faster cart dump speed.

A spring-loaded latch keeps the wings in for transport and makes unlatching for field use easier. The wings need to be manually extended and retracted.

The wings on the Plus 2 need to be extended for field use and retracted for transport. In the transport configuration, the accumulator is no wider than the baler. This is important when transporting between fields, through narrow gates, or down the road.

In todays round baling operation, where the operator finishes wrapping the bale is where the bale is ejected. The John Deere Plus2 Round Bale Accumulator changes that.

The Plus2 Round Bale Accumulator allows the operator to carry up to two bales while making a third. This means that bales can be placed in the most strategic location to get them off of the field as quickly as possible while minimizing wheel traffic. Before producers begin baling with the Plus2 Accumulator, it is important to have a plan. The bales will no longer be randomly scattered. To maximize the Plus2, having predetermined accumulation sites will not only decrease bale removal times but will increase yields for future cuttings.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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