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Its hard to pick which feature of the new Zero Series Round Balers to mention first. Maybe its the new MegaWide HC high-capacity feed system (available on M and R models). This new feed system has the ability to precut the crop as it enters the baler while delivering up to an 80% increase in tonnage per hour (compared to competitive models). And precut bales cut mixing times by as much as 58%, potentially eliminating the need for tub grinders, all while providing nutrient-rich feed that wont go to waste.

Also worth noting - improvements to aid in serviceability and add to your uptime. Centralized grease banks on select models allow you to do all the daily greasing from the ground, while the MegaWide HC feed system features the cut out clutch design for the best driveline protection in the industry. And the new hydraulic drop floor allows you to drive with confidence in difficult conditions. If the baler plugs, lowering the drop floor clears the plugs, getting you back up and running.

Regardless of what feature matters most, you now have zero reasons to use any other baler.

Whether youre working with dry hay or silage, the new Zero Series Round Balers are designed to meet the demands of your operation. From our economical E models to the feature-packed R models, we engineered a family of better balers ready to fit your needs.

First round bale John Deere precutter designed and built in North America
Up to 80% increase in tonnage per hour compared to competitive models
58% reduction in mixing times of precut bales
And the industrys first 5-ft. precut round bale and round bale accumulator for 5-ft. balers

Smart, stylish and built to last. The 460R and 560R Round Balers offer the total package for your baling operation. Enhancements like the ISOBUS control monitor, cut out clutch drivelines, intelligent tractor-baler automation and heavier duty components add brains and brawn, and dont think for a second the redesigned exterior is just for show.

Whether you bale heavy, aggressive crop, or you work non-stop from dawn to dusk, the 460R and 560R models produce thousands of bales without ever breaking a sweat. Isnt that what you need? Because the R models were built just for you the custom haymaker, the commercial operator, the large-acre farmer who demands the ultimate baler.

Thankfully, the R models offer everything you need to grow your bottom line. With a convenient ISO-Bus monitor system, heavy-duty chains, and factory installed grease banks, these smarter, stronger, longer-lasting machines are all-ability all the time. And thats the bottom line.

The stamped steel door offers easy access to the factory-installed grease banks, so maintenance can be done from the ground in a matter of minutes. Plus, an exclusive two-year or 12,000-bale warranty* further protects your investment. So dont hesitate to run tens of thousands of bales through these bad boys thats what theyre made for.

* Two-year or 12,000 bale warranty, whichever comes first, covers wear parts on 469 Premium and 569 Premium Round Balers. Warranty excludes drive chains. See full product warranty or contact your dealer for details.

The perfect pickup for both dry hay and silage. Our MegaWide system gets its name from the wide pickup design. With a working width of 71- to 87-in. (1.8 m- to 2.2 m), the MegaWide is designed to gather more leaves and handle higher-volume windrows with ease. Its also perfect for pulling in crop in windblown and scattered crop conditions. More hay volume, more bales per hour.

An important component of the MegaWide pickup is the rugged MegaTough teeth. Measuring in at nearly double the size of standard teeth and located at both ends of the pickup, Mega teeth are larger and stronger than conventional teeth and can lift the heaviest of windrows with ease.

Another feature of the MegaWide worth noting - the rotor feeding assembly. Mounted behind the pickup and fixed to the baler frame, this design allows for smooth and even crop flow into the bale chamber. The large-diameter converging augers allow for high crop flow capacity, and auger scrolls help force crop into the bale chamber.

Theres no question. The most notable feature of the new Zero Series Round Balers has to be the MegaWide HC feed system, available on both 4- and 5-ft. round balers - an industry first. Deriving its name from the high capacity and cutting capabilities (HC2), this machine delivers incredible numbers that really add up.
Tonnage per hour increases by up to 80% (compared to competitive precutter models)
Mixing times cut by as much as 58% with precut bales

Balers equipped with the MegaWide HC also have the possibility of eliminating the need to grind your hay. If you tub grind dry hay, you know that even the slightest breeze can blow away much-needed nutritional value. When you bale and precut with the MegaWide HC, youre putting whats in the windrow into the bale. Smaller, more nutritious pieces makes for a happier herd and less waste. Eliminating the need for a tub grinder also helps eliminate the additional cost of owning or contracting tub grinding service. And with precut hay, youll have the added flexibility and convenience to make rations since the crop is already precut.

And youll appreciate the wider pickup on our 4-ft. balers equipped with the MegaWide HC feed system. The 7.22- ft. (2.2 m) wide pickup is 20% wider than previous models for improved crop pickup in extreme conditions.

Balers equipped with the MegaWide HC feed system will also get the benefit of our hydraulic drop floor system. This innovative design allows you to clear plugs from the comfort of the cab in a matter of seconds, instead of the 15-30 minutes it used to take. Now you can push your machine to its limit and run as fast as the crop and conditions dictate.

In addition to the self-clearing drop floor, all machines equipped with the MegaWide HC also feature the cut out clutch. Previously only available on premium balers prior to the Zero Series, the cut out clutch works by automatically disengaging in the event of a plug and spinning freely until the tractor idles down. Compared to a friction clutch, the cut out clutch spins freely until the PTO is shut off and re-engaged. This generates less heat and reduces maintenance issues typically experienced with friction clutches.

The John Deere DiamondTough triple-weave belts provide the strongest reliability in the business a feature youll appreciate when you consider the costly downtime that comes from torn belts. So what makes our belts special? Theyre designed using a patented triple-weave process of nylon and polyester to give you the strength and durability you need for handling heavy loads consistently. Theyre also puncture and tear resistant for greater belt life rocks or other foreign objects are brushed aside with ease. And sturdy, high-tensile-plate splices bind the belts for a powerfully stable connection you can rely on season after season.

Your crop is in excellent hands. The DiamondTough belts surround the width of the bale to reduce crop loss and maintain crop quality. Check out the diamond tread pattern ... it allows the belts to handle crop gently to make sure your bales stay packed with nutrients. And our staggered belt roll redeposits loose material from under or behind the belts back towards the pickup, and into the bale chamber. More importantly, DiamondTough belts are self-cleaning the only belts in the industry that are to reduce carryover and prevent crop buildup, so you get the same quality crop handling on every bale

Whats more, the Zero Series offer fewer drive chains than competitive round balers fewer chains mean fewer adjustments and less wear components to worry about helping to increase overall efficiency and reliability.

And our heavy-duty drivelines are built with an 80-degree constant-velocity joint, allowing tight, effortless turns and carefree travel over rough terrain.

About those busy workdays feel free to work as long as necessary. The service interval on the Zero Series balers is 30 hours. Compared to some of our older balers, thats more than 20 additional hours of baling without stopping to do maintenance.

The BaleTrak Pro and BaleTrak Plus. Depending on your baler model, youll appreciate the convenience of working with one of these monitor-controllers.

Available on balers without a precutter, the BaleTrak Pro is incredibly easy to use. Simply key in a function and youre on to the next bale. With the large, clear display, the monitor is easy to read. But the real value is in the accuracy: a 24-bar bale shape indicator offers true look ahead baling to help you make perfectly sized and shaped bales each time.

Balers equipped with the MegaWide HC precutter feature the BaleTrak Plus. In addition to the features of the BaleTrak Pro, the BaleTrak Plus also offers the convenience of engaging/disengaging precutter knives and raising/lowering the hydraulic drop floor with the touch of a button.

Our top-of-the-line machines demand top-of-the-line monitors, and thats where weve raised the bar. With the ISOBUS system, rest assured youre using the latest technology in baling. Using your tractors GS1800, GS2600, GS2630, or select CommandCenter displays, the 460R and 560R models are integrated directly to your tractor. No need for a separate monitor. You get all the great features of the BaleTrak Pro monitor, and more. Max bale size button; user-friendly interface navigation; and intuitive error code system. Best of all, operators of any skill level can work the functions.

Speaking of raising the bar, weve added a third bale shape bar on the 460R and 560R monitors to help improve your driving practices for easier bale-making. The third bale sensor can be easily turned off if you prefer not to use it.

Time is money, so why waste it with inefficient bale wrap? Cover-Edge net wrap provides the best bale protection you can get. It preserves hay quality and gives your bale a beautiful, round surface, as well as reducing crop loss during transport. And did we mention your bales are wrapped in as little as six seconds? But the best part is the loading process you wont find a faster, simpler system around.

Our new band brake system improves durability and provides a cleaner cut net for the life of your baler.

Or perhaps you just prefer to use twine. If thats the case, the electric AutoTie wrapping system provides easier-made bales that are tied right. And for customers of the 440E, we also have a hydraulic twine system available. No matter what choice, double-twine arms provide exceptional speed for the job.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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