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WOODS - BH65 Back
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WOODS BH65 Groundbreaker Backhoes

Designed after months of research with backhoe operators to ensure a rugged, versatile, powerful and comfortable backhoe.

Groundbreaker The name says it all. The newly designed BH85 and BH100 offer 4,600 lbs. of powerful bucket digging force to break through hard, rocky, rootfilled ground with ease. Tested in real-world conditions, the entire Groundbreaker line offers an excavator-style boom, rugged construction, and unique easy-on/easy-off mounting system to give you the best built backhoe in the industry.

Work comfortably for hours with the adjustable seat and the roomy, walk-through, non-slip operators platform. Steps on the mounts and grab rails on the valve console make it easy to climb up and get to work. The curved, box-section boom provides excellent visibility into the trench.

Maximum digging depths of 8.5 feet and 10 feet.
Heavy-duty, high capacity bucket widths from 12 to 36 inches.
Extra-long reach and digging depths saves time repositioning.
4,600 lb. digging force powers through hard, rocky, root-fill ground.
Saw-tooth edges on thumb, dipper and bucket can grip and rip.
Adjustable seat and roomy operator area offer hours of comfortable digging.
Sub-frame or 3-point hitch mounts are compatible with most loaders and undermount mowers.
Bolt-on bucket teeth are durable and easy to replace.
Greaseable end pins are simple to maintain and extend work life.
High ramp angle and ground clearance make transporting easy.
Optional mechanical or hydraulic thumb add versatility.
Two-year limited warranty covers your tractor.
Tractors up to 100 hp.
Construction and demolition.
Trenching, drainage and excavation work
Removing trees, stumps, or shrubs.
Precisely pick-and-place rocks, concrete chunks, logs and landscape timbers.
Digging efficiently in a wide variety of soil conditions.
Repositioning odd-shaped, over-sized materials.

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