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JOHN DEERE - S780 Back
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Straw Chopper

18 S780 824/1198 PowerGard Certified
| From $39,900/y 2.9%
| 2 Year Extended Warranty
| Recon/Repair/Service WIP
| Reconditioned with Genuine John Deere Parts That Carry a Full 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty Backed By John Deere
| Includes Premium John Deere Service Replacement of All Machine Filters JD Plus 50 II Engine Oil Change
| 3rd Party Fluid Analysis Engine-Transmission-Hydraulic-Coolant
| Low Rate Financing
| Qualifies for Seasonal Assurance
| Cross Implement Your Local John Deere Dealer Serving You From Central Illinois
| Contact: Brad

| Are you buying one of our preowned harvesters sight unseen and want additional assurance on your purchase?
| We now offer 3rd Party verification in the form of Thermal Imaging Inspections from a Nationally Renowned Firm
| A complete thermal inspection report reveals temperature abnormalities of drives, belts, bearings and primary electrical components
| This report shows belt alignment, bearing wear and hot spots in the electrical system
| Offering the Best Harvesting Value for Over 40 Years
| We Have Delivered Over 5000 Combines!
| Let Us Show You the Difference a Cross Harvester Makes
*Qualifies for Low Rate Financing Plus Applicable Participation Fees & Taxes. Additional Terms and Conditions Apply. Subject to Credit Approval with Qualified Down Payment. Not everyone will qualify for low rate option. Residency restrictions may apply. All pricing is figured with all applicable cash discounts applied. Additional charges may apply if transaction involves credit card, financing or trade. Purchase or Renew Only offers a fixed purchase option without surrender option. Customer may purchase, trade, or renew at end of lease.
All Sold Equipment is FOB Minier unless otherwise noted. Manufacturer warranty applies as applicable. All Equipment Sold As/Is with no Dealer Warranty: Buyers are encouraged to inspect equipment prior to purchase to determine condition. Equipment is sold in current condition with all existing faults. Dealer makes no representation regarding the condition has no obligation to repair any damage, defect, wear or otherwise remedy any matter affecting the condition of the equipment. Repairs made with Genuine John Deere Parts are subject to Manufactures Warranty Policies & Approval. Buyers should request a copy of workorder for list of covered parts. Cross Implement Used Equipment Assurance 50% Labor Discount and 20% John Deere Parts Discount good exclusively at the Minier location for the current use season defined as a Spring Use Ending July 1 or Fall Use Ending Jan 1. Must have an active JD Multi-use account to qualify for discount.
Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Approximate hours are listed as displayed on equipment at time of listing and are subject to change, verification is available upon request. Horsepower ratings are for comparison purposes only and are estimates.
Ag & Commercial use only. Some Restrictions Apply. Unit is Subject to Availability. In the event 2 buyers submit signed purchase orders in close proximity, preference will be given based on the earliest received order with complete payment due within 24 hours. Salespersonel are not authorized to hold any units. Call the dealership directly before traveling to verify availability. See Dealer for details.

1 19-Jan-2021 N $39,392.39 $39,392.39 $0.00 $0.00 $245,507.61
2 19-Jan-2022 N $39,392.39 $32,051.71 $7,340.68 $0.00 $213,455.90
3 19-Jan-2023 N $39,392.39 $33,010.06 $6,382.33 $0.00 $180,445.84
4 19-Jan-2024 N $39,392.39 $33,997.06 $5,395.33 $0.00 $146,448.78
5 19-Jan-2025 N $39,392.39 $35,001.57 $4,390.82 $0.00 $111,447.21
6 19-Jan-2026 N $39,392.39 $36,060.12 $3,332.27 $0.00 $75,387.09
7 19-Jan-2027 N $39,392.39 $37,138.32 $2,254.07 $0.00 $38,248.77
8 19-Jan-2028 N $39,392.41 $38,248.77 $1,143.64 $0.00 $0.00

+This calculator provides an estimate only based on the information you provide and is intended to be used for discussion purposes only. The estimate is not a representation, claim, statement, offer, request or proposal. Your actual payment(s) and payment schedule may vary depending on transaction terms, including applicable rates, freight and other charges. Rates used for calculation are not rate guarantees or offers. The calculator should not be relied upon as specific financial or other advice. There is no commitment on the part of John Deere Financial or authorized John Deere dealers to make any loan or lease to the customer on these or any other terms. All loans and leases are subject to John Deere Financial approval and dealer participation.
The Nominal Annual Rate excludes the effects of fees and compounding.
Premium Cab
Premium Cloth Seat with Swivel
Standard Lighting and Header Extremity Lights
Premium Radio
Generation 4 CommandCenter 10 in. Color Display - 4600 Processor
AutoTrac Ready
CommandCenter Premium Activation
Harvest Mobile Ready
Base Features
ActiveYield PLUS Moisture and Yield Sensors
ProDrive Transmission with Harvest Smart Feedrate Control
2-Wheel Drive
202kw CommandTouch Multi-Speed Drive System, Dual-tilt Cylinders - 3.50 In. (90 mm) Lift Cylinders w/ Fore Aft Tilt
Round Bar Concave
Dyna-Flo Plus Cleaning Shoe Deep Tooth Adjustable Chaffer and Bottom Sieve with TouchSet (Electric Shoe Adjust)
TriStream Rotor Configuration Regular Wear (Densepack Ready)
Regular Wear Grain Handling System
Power Folding Grain Tank Covers
26 Ft. (7.9M) Unloading Auger
Deluxe Residue - Manual Adjust Vane Tailboard
750/65R26 Firestone
580/85R42 Firestone
Final Tier 4 Certified Engine
Camera Ready
Grain Tank Mirror
Engine Coolant Heater - 110 Volt (Not available for Export)
Corner Post Display Bracket
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Price :
Year :
Condition :
Model Number :
Stock Number:
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