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The 1890 No-Till Air Drill is an efficient no-till seeding tool featuring a John Deere-quality opener made to be a workhorse in tough no-till conditions. Available in 30-, 36-, 40- ,42.5-, 50- and 60-ft widths to help you get more done.

Whether you prefer the productive 42-ft or need the increased width of the 60-ft, all 1890 Drills are designed for heavy residue, but dont think thats the only use. Two inches of float in the opener system lets openers follow ground contours without extra down-pressure. When combined with the exclusive active hydraulic down-pressure, youll get accurate depth control and all-till capability.

As for efficiency, the 60-foot 1890 No-Till Air Drill is almost 42% larger than its 42-foot predecessor. Which means youll cover over 40% more ground with each pass, saving you time in the field.

Floating hitch on 1890 No-Till Air Drill
Parallel Tracking or AutoTrac compatibility
Convenient dual-row spacing hydraulics
Optional air seeder row markers


With the RelativeFlow blockage system, growers can see the flow rate of both seed and fertilizer from inside the tractor cab when seeding with the 15.2-m (50-ft) and 18.3-m (60-ft). Sensors on delivery hoses monitor the relative rate of product flow. An easy-to-read display clearly visualizes relative product flow across the drill, from opener to opener. This exclusive technology gives a better view of what is happening across the tool in order to spot problems before blockage occurs. Blockage alarm delays can be set up by clicking on the advanced settings button from the blockage setup screen.

John Deere offers six working widths in the 1890 air drill.

Working widths, row spacings:
9.15 m (30 ft) on 190-mm (7.5-in.)/380-mm (15-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing
11 m (36 ft) on 190-mm (7.5-in.)/380-mm (15-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing
12.20 m (40 ft) on 190-mm (7.5-in.)/380-mm (15-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing
12.95 m (42.5 ft) on 190-mm (7.5-in.)/380-mm (15-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing
15.25 m (50 ft) on 190-mm (7.5-in.)/380-mm (15-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing
18.30 m (60 ft) on 190-mm (7.5-in.)/380-mm (15-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing

NOTE: Recommended tractors are 279.6 kW (375 hp) for the 15.25-m (50-ft) model and 335.5 kW (450 hp) for the 18.30-m (60-ft) model.

Additional weights may be required when seeding in dry, hard soils or in extremely high rates of residue. These weights may be removed when seeding in mellow or loose soils. A rear weight bracket and a weight bracket on the front corner of each wing are in base equipment on the 9.15-m, 11-m, 12.20-m, and 12.95-m (30-ft, 36-ft, 40-ft, and 42-ft) 1890s.

The brackets allow the addition of R127764 tractor suitcase weights to provide increased down pressure. A total of 14 tractor suitcase weights can be added at the rear of the mainframe. Six tractor suitcase weights can be added on each outer wing.

NOTE: Due to the heavier mainframe on the 15.25-m and 18.30-m (50-ft and 60-ft) 1890s, mainframe weights and weight brackets are not in base equipment or required. There is an option to order kit AA76487 from service parts for the wing weight brackets. Order code 6505 (open-center valve kit) is not available for the 15.25-m and 18.30-m (50-ft and 60-ft) models.

IMPORTANT: Wing weights and row markers are not compatible and should not be used together.

The 1890 features a three-section or five-section (15.25-m [50-ft] and 18.30-m [60-ft] models) drawn flexible frame with a convenient overcenter fold for transport or storage.

NOTE: Recommended tractor is 279.6 kW (375 hp) for the 15.25-m (50-ft) model and 335.5 kW (450 hp) for the 18.30-m (60-ft) model.

Productivity of the 15.25-m (50-ft) and 18.30-m (60-ft) widths compared to the 12.95-m (42.5-ft) model:
The 15.25-m (50-ft) model is 17 percent more productive per pass
The 18.30-m (60-ft) model is 42 percent more productive per pass

Features on all six models:
Two ranks of ProSeries Openers
1.35 m (52.7 in.) between ranks of openers
380-mm (15-in.) clearance between openers on 190-mm (7.5-in.) spacing machine
508-mm (20-in.) clearance between openers on 254-mm (10-in.) spacing machine
100-mm x 150-mm (4-in. x 6-in.) cross tubes and 50-mm x 150-mm (2-in. x 6-in.) end tubes
560 mm (22 in.) of underframe clearance
Wings flex 20 degree up and 10 degree down
108-degree overcenter fold

The two-rank frame design provides excellent residue flow and field performance

Growers have historically had to make some difficult planting and seeding decisions due to weather. Operators have been forced to plant in wet conditions that are far from optimal in order to plant within the optimum planting window. Those operators have experienced poor performance from wet soils working in between the depth gauge wheel and the opener disk and not having a way out. This creates the possibility of the depth gauge wheel or opener disk to seize up and drag through the soil.

The spoke gauge wheel is a solution for operators who plant in these conditions to allow the mud and debris that get caught behind the depth gauge wheel to easily flow through the wheel and continue providing superior depth performance.

The spoke gauge wheel is designed for optimum performance. Its features include serviceable, stamped inner and outer rims. The wheel also has cast spokes and bearing hubs for increased strength. This allows smaller spokes, creating larger open surface area for mud and debris to flow more easily than competitors wheels. Another improvement over the closed gauge wheel is a snap-ring bearing retention. Simply remove the snap ring, replace the bearing, and place the snap ring back.

Heavy trash fields from no-till environments have also tested very well with the new spoke gauge wheel. Some growers provided feedback of crop residue getting inside and jamming up the gauge wheel and opener. This spoke gauge wheel has shown exceptional performance within these areas as well. These wheels are compatible with both 90 Series openers on seeding tools and planter row-units.

ProSeries Openers are in base equipment on all 1890 and N500F Separate Fertilizer Placement (SFP) and 1990 Central Commodity System (CCS), and 1590 Air Drills.

On the 1890s, the single-disk openers are on 190-mm (7.5-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.) row spacing. On 15.25-m (50-ft) and 18.30-m (60-ft) 1890s, the 190-mm (7.5-in.)/380-mm (15-in.) or 254-mm (10-in.)/508-mm (20-in.) dual-row spacing feature is in base equipment. The single-disk openers provide consistent and accurate seed placement.

The ProSeries Openers are gang mounted and are hydraulically raised and lowered. The hydraulic downforce system also offers a wide range of downforce settings for the openers.

NOTE: For additional ballast in hard-to-penetrate conditions, tractor suitcase weights may also be added to the mainframe and wings to obtain maximum down pressure per opener.

See your John Deere dealer for a complete list of available features and options.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.
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