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Imagine a triplex mower that you can set up for a rookie operator to perform like a seasoned veteran. Its possible with the new 2700 and 2750 PrecisionCut and E-Cut Hybrid Triplex Mowers.

As a superintendent/greenkeeper, turf manager, equipment manager, or other supervisor responsible for golf course maintenance, there are many aspects you are judged on every single day. Some that stand out include:

Quality of turf and overall playing conditions
Consistency from hole to hole (or area to area)

Golfers expect the highest level of playing conditions every time they play, and they expect hole #1 to play the same as hole #18. Over the years, those demands have increased as they continue to see picturesque tournaments on television.

However, one of the toughest challenges in the industry today is labor. With unemployment rates at very low levels and wages increasing, it is difficult to find labor, and when you do find it, its often unskilled. Skilled, experienced operators can typically provide the daily quality that you are seeking. However, how do you take those new, less-skilled operators and make them perform like a 20-year veteran? For some, they may have never worked on a golf course before or may have limited general equipment operating experience.

Thats where the 2700 and 2750 PrecisionCut and E-Cut Hybrid Triplex Mowers can to help. The key is the advanced TechControl display, which allows you to enter a multitude of operating parameters to gain more control over your operators performance. In addition, the TechControl display is passcode protected, meaning that operators cannot do anything to override the settings that you have programmed without having the passcode. The operator can see limited information to operate the machine, such as:

Operating mode (park, transport, mow)
Fuel level
Hour meter
Warning indicators/alarms

No matter how many machines you have, if you set them all up the same, they will all perform the same regardless of operator.

19 hp* (14.2 kW) Diesel engine w/ electronic throttle control
Same cut quality, regardless of operator
TechControl advanced supervisory controls
Exclusive Frequency of Clip mode
Premium Contour Following
Increased level of supervisory control with advanced passcode-protected TechControl display
Walk Greens Mower-like cut quality with frequency of clip control
Budget and operator-friendly Eco mode
Excellent cut quality in undulations and perimeters using three-axis contour following system
Accessible, easy-to-use grass catchers on the open platform
More efficiency and lower operating costs with an electronically controlled, liquid-cooled diesel engine
Minimize potential marking in turns with Turn Speed setting
Accurate, crisp cleanup cuts provided by innovative Cleanup Pass mode
Easy access to center cutting unit for servicing with no-tool removable foot platform

* The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturers web site for additional information.

Any warranty may be limited to months/hours used and varies by model. See your dealer for details.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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