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Designed to combine multiple field operations into one pass on high-yielding, high-residue corn acreage, the 2510S Nutrient Applicator delivers precise fertilizer placement and complete seedbed prep in one reliable package.

With the 2510S Applicator, you can apply dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer, conserve soil moisture and reduce soil erosion by maintaining residue on the field. Choose between 12- and 16-row configurations, and its easily adjustable so you can customize the strip to your liking.

Youll spend less time on daily maintenance, too, because the entire machine has zero daily maintenance tasks. Plus, its built tough the durable 2510S will keep going acre after acre, season after season. And you can transport the 2510S with ease, thanks to its compact size when folded. The 30-foot (9.1 m) machine folds to only 18 feet (5.5 m) wide and 13 feet (4 m) high.

Tru-Depth nutrient shank
Single point depth control
12- and 16-row configurations


Pick the model that fits. For either medium or high-residue applications, you can choose from the Residue Master or Medium Residue configurations.

Need to manage high-yielding corn residue and prepare an ideal seedbed and root zone in one pass? The 2510S Residue Master delivers. Compatible with dry, liquid or gas fertilizer forms, this tool truly offers a complete tillage and nutrient application system.

Need to operate in medium- or lighter-residue conditions such as soybean stubble? The 2510S Medium Residue delivers. Apply dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer, conserve soil moisture and reduce soil erosion by maintaining residue on the field with this 2510S Applicator.

Producing more work out of every liter or gallon of fuel is imperative for boosting the profitability of farm operations. Strip till is one practice seeing significant growth due to the following:
Efficient nutrient placement
Seedbed preparation (warmer, dryer soils)
Increased water infiltration
Decreased soil erosion
Reduced compaction
Moisture conservation in arid climates
Ability to maintain or increase yields

Strip till combines the soil drying and warming benefits of conventional tillage with the soil-protecting advantages of no-till by disturbing only the portion of the soil that is to contain the seed row.

This is done by tilling a strip of soil 203 mm to 254 mm (8-in. to 10-in.) wide in the fall or spring to prepare a seedbed, leaving the rest of the soil surface undisturbed.

Corn grown in a strip-till system consistently yields as well as corn grown in a conventional-till system and can yield better than no-till corn crops planted on the same date, according to research by agronomist Tony Vyn of Purdue University.

Not only is strip till a conservational type of tillage, but it also allows farmers to apply recommended rates of fertilizer in a zone from 152 mm to 203 mm (6 in. to 8 in.) deep in the same pass. A narrow knife forms a small tunnel underneath the soil, trapping the fertilizer (dry, liquid or gas) in a zone for the next crop to utilize.

This tillage strip and placement of fertilizer is followed by the planter, in the same direction, for best crop utilization. In many situations, producers moving from conventional tillage to strip till have found a reduction in trips across the field by as many as four trips.

For some producers, strip tilling is a fall practice with a small application window before the ground freezes. For others, the choice is spring strip till with an equally small window before the start of planting.

As with any farming practice, strip till has challenges that producers need to address:
Potential short application window
Consistently following the strip with the planter
Consistently managing large amounts of residue
Proper nutrient placement
Properly preparing a consistent seedbed

Experienced operators know there is one shot at preparing the seedbed in a strip-till application. Once the residue has been properly managed, the following components must be working together:

The spring-cushioned nutrient shank needs to be operating at the proper depth to lift an adequate amount of soil to be brought back in to form the strip. The shank must also have enough spring pressure to maintain its depth to keep a consistent amount of soil being disturbed.

As the nutrient shank lifts the soil, large adjustable closing disks are needed to bring the soil back into the strip and prepare the seedbed. Soil types and moisture content can greatly affect the amount and consistency of the soil that is brought back in. The closing disks need to have adjustments for side to side, pitch, and vertical position as hard soils flow differently than soft soils. Improperly set closing disks may not grab enough soil to build the berm and the end result before planting could be a valley where a mound should be.

For some producers, the last step in seedbed preparation is using a rolling basket to size and shape clods and firm the berm. In high-residue conditions, the row cleaners move a lot of residue between the rows that can hang up and plug on the baskets. It is important the baskets are able to flow residue and condition the strip.

The 2510S features a limited three-year warranty on the frame. Cast-steel saddle joints connect the 4-in. by 6-in. frame tubes and provide the backbone and support needed for the required speeds and loads of the strip-till unit. A fore-aft frame width of 93 inches (236 cm) is unmatched in the strip-till market ideal for residue flow in high-yielding corn-on-corn applications.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.
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