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Plain and simple, you'll build the perfect seedbed with the Perfecta field cultivator. Save fuel and time by tilling, leveling and finishing in a single pass. Available in three models with a variety of sizes and configurations available to meet row-crop, orchard,vineyard, arena grooming and a multitude of other tillage applications.

Heavy-duty, four-bar frame with three rows of s-tines for full-width soil tillage and durability
20" underframe clearance enhances residue flow
S-tines are spaced 18" side-to-side and 20" front-to-rear for superior residue flow.
Model 14 with heavy-duty edge-bent s-tines and 7" sweeps
Choose either straight spike-tooth or diagonal curved one-bar leveler for smoothing the tilled soil and breaking any clods
Tool-free adjustable leveling bar for easily changing downpressure to match field conditions
Field-proven aggressive 12" diameter Rolling Harrow baskets with serrated, spiraled edge design leave a ready-to-plant seedbed
Bearings on baskets feature shielded design for optimum life
Working depth adjustable from 2" to 6"
Requires between 4 - 7 horsepower per foot
Single 15" diameter gauge wheels on the base and wings on 30' through 40' sizes
Single or dual gauge wheel packages on 10' through 28' sizes provide greater in-field stability
Available in rigid 4' through 20' models, and folding 18' through 40' models
Models from 4' through 10' feature tapered sides and make ideal vineyard maintenance tools at a fraction the cost of a disk
Models for established bed preparation are available in a variety of row widths, from 6-row 30" to 5-row 66" to work up established beds and provide a plant or seed ready environment

Plain and simple, youll build the perfect seedbed with the Perfecta field cultivator. Save fuel and time by tilling, leveling and finishing in a single pass. Its ideal for row-crop, orchard, vineyard, track and arena grooming and a multitude of other tillage applications.

Key Features
Heavy-duty four-bar frame for added durability
Three rows of staggered high-clearance S-tines for fullwidth tillage
Tines spaced 18" side-to-side and 20" front-to-rear for 6" overall spacing to move freely throughout the soil
Underframe clearance of 20" for superior residue flow

S-tines till from 2" to 6" deep and are available
Model 14 features 9/16" x 1 3/4" heavy-duty, edge-bent tines and 7" sweeps for working in the toughest soils for maximum tillage and consistent depth
The two outermost tines on all models have points

The tool-free adjustable leveling bar, with choice of straight spiked teeth or round diagonal and angled teeth, knocks down ridges and breaks clods
Forged spike teeth provide excellent leveling in low-residue fields
Diagonal curved, round one-bar with heat treated teeth perform best for moderate leveling in higher-residue fields

Complete your tillage operation with available soil conditioning options to make a ready-toplant seedbed that include:
All models can be ordered with aggressive Unverferth 12" diameter Rolling Harrow baskets featuring robotic welding, with serrated, spiraled-edge design for knocking soil from weak roots and leaving them to wilt and die. Baskets can be reversed for greater soil firming
o Models from 30' to 40' can be equipped with either single 12" Rolling Harrow basket, 12.5"-diameter double-basket or 13" single drum roller attachments
The double Rolling Harrow baskets provide added soil conditioning with aggressive front basket and greater leveling with passive rear basket
The single drum roller provides greater soil firming and features all-welded construction with 1 5/16" cleats that help drive the drum through the field. Reversible scraper blades keep the drum clean during operation

Gauge wheels are tool-free adjustable
16.5x6.5-8 single-ply tires standard on rigid 10' to 15' sizes and all bedded models
Single 20.5x8-10 ply tires on folding models with 4', 5' and 6' wings
Dual 20.5x8-10 gauge wheels on rigid 18' and 20' units and folding models with 7' and 8' wings
Single 7.60x15 wheels and tires on base and wings of 30' to 40'

The Perfecta field cultivator is lighter, pulls easier, covers more acres and is more versatile than a comparable-sized disk. The horsepower requirement is 47 hp per foot. Its available in a variety of configurations, working widths from 4' to 40' and your choice of a durable, high-gloss red or green on all models, and orange powder-coat finish on 4' to 10' model sizes.

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