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The Unverferth Rolling Harrow soil conditioner has been the industry's leading soil finisher for more than 30 years. And it just keeps getting better! The model 1245 double basket Rolling Harrow adds to the three decades long tradition of aggressive, scalloped and pitched front rollers coupled with passive rear rollers for the best seedbed possible. The model 1245 Rolling Harrow features an exclusive basket design with notched end and center discs along with 20% taller blades for optimum soil penetration and longer life.

The model 1245 features 12.5" diameter baskets with a 1 5/8" center shaft providing full-width basket support
Exclusive basket design feature notched end and center discs for greater depth and soil penetration
Blade depth is increased 20% on the model 1245 for increased penetration and extended life
The double basket design combines an aggressive front basket with angled blades that dig into the soil and propels larger soil clods into the rear, passive basket with straight blades that firm and condition the soil
High-carbon steel blades thoroughly mulches, agitates and mixes the top 2-3 inches of soil for optimum residue and chemical incorporation
Free-floating basket rollers provide uniform soil conditioning in a wide variety of field terrains and soil types
Exclusive basket assembly design allows them to be easily reversed for extra firming action in lighter soils
Patented 4-bolt greaseless basket bearings with triple lip seals and 1 1/8" square bore for withstanding heavy side-load stress during high speed turns
Minimal weight is added to the primary tillage implement lengthening its life
Adjustable-length tongue for ideal turning
22" of ground transport clearance
On 12' - 45' units, single hydraulics with a split function valve is standard and on 47' - 63' units, dual hydraulics are standard
All hydraulic hoses are routed through mainframe and include end caps for longer life
Standard jack for parking and storing the implement
Working widths from 12' to 63' in stack-, cross- and vertical-folding designs for a narrow transport width
Your choice of high-gloss, powder coat finish of tractor red or green

A revelation in cover crop seeding! Nutrient management and erosion control are vital in today's agricultural world. We know cover crops can help us in these key areas, but how do you plant them efficiently and effectively? Introducing the all-new Cover Crop Seeder option for the Rolling Harrow soil conditioner.

This innovative option permits one-pass seeding, tilling and incorporating for a great crop start! Pull the unit behind a lead tillage tool or by itself for high-speed application that works the seed into the ground for better seed-to-soil contact. You'll plant your cover crops faster and see a more consistent stand with this new and innovative seeder.

Standard Features
Available on 18' to 37' Rolling Harrow models 1245 and 1245D with a flat- or stack-fold.
Hopper features a 32.5 bushel (40.5 cu. ft.) capacity, side-mounted sight windows and a standard roll-over tarp with ground operation for protecting the hopper's contents.
Reliable air delivery with tapered seed deflectors provide greater seeding accuracy. The seed deflectors are positioned closer to the ground to prevent seed from drifting in the wind.
Roller-style, chevron meter design creates a continous flow of seed and can handle most any cover crop seed. Meters can be easily removed for cleanout.
Slide gates provide easy, manual row shut-off of individual row units.
Quickly monitor fan pressure, seed level and seed meter function with hopper-mounted indicator lights.
Standard on/off operation is plumbed with the hydrualic raise/lower of the machine or can be operated wtih a cab-mounted foot switch.
Seeding rate is controlled by tractor speed and electronic-over-hydraulic meter control. Hydraulic drive metering needs 22 gpm flow at 2,200 psi and requires a case drain.

On flat and stack fold models, an optional gooseneck hitch is available for added clearance from the lead tool allowing for a tighter turning radius
Optional leveling bar in front of the rollers provides added smoothing and a more even surface for the most effective tillage action possible
The leveling bar features a tool-free spring pressure adjustment for fine-tuning aggressiveness
Leveling bar can be pinned up for high-residue situations and available with choice of:
o Diagonal curved round tooth with heat-treated 3/4" x 11" teeth
o Spike-tooth with forged 3/4" x 11" diamond-shaped teeth
o Coil-tine with 3/8" x 17" long spring tine
Offset tongue is ideal for tillage operation at the field's edge
o Hydraulically operated adjustment up to 2' to match the outer edge of the lead implemenet
Extendible Tongue allows the operator to extend the tongue length by driving forward or shorten the tongue length by backing up
o Hydraulically operated locking pins are actuated and automatically engaged at the desired position to lock the hitch in either the transport or field position
o On 39' - 45' units, 8' of adjustment is available and on 47' - 63' units, 15'9" of adjustment is available

When it comes to rolling basket soil conditioners, no one can imitate the exclusive features of the Unverferth field-proven basket design.
Robotically welded for the greatest manufacturing consistency and enhanced longevity
Single-piece, high-carbon steel serrated blades for ideal tillage action
Round center shaft for full-width basket support
Reversible double-basket assembly for extra firming action in lighter soils
High-clearance, arched and oscillating roller frame keeps both baskets or drums working the soil, even in the most extreme, rocky conditions
Free-floating rollers allow the implement to follow the ground contours for optimum tillage leveling
Models 1245 feature notched endplates and reinforcing discs positioned on 9"- to 12"-spacings for added soil penetration and durability
Optional pin adjustment for the roller frame lets you tailor your tillage for either greater tillage action or greater firming action for your choice of leveling aggressiveness

The aggressive lead roller on all Rolling Harrow soil conditioner models features spiraled pitched blades for maximum soil penetration and shattering, soil conditioning, residue and chemical mixing. The passive trailing roller on double-basket models features spiraled, straight blades that smooth and level the surface for quicker, more uniform germination and emergence. Models 1245 are equipped with patented flanged, 4-bolt bearings with triple-lip seal and a square bore for withstanding tremendous side-load stresses during high-speed, high-acreage operation.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.
Specifications and data are subject to change without prior notice.
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