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Engineered for the long haul the 2030A features a 22.1 hp @3200 rpm 1115 cc diesel liquid-cooled engine. Youll get strength, raw power, performance, and easy maintenance. No wonder the diesel 2030A is ideal for heavy hauling, spraying, and top dressing. This vehicle can be converted to a SelectSpray sprayer in just minutes, without tools.

High-torque diesel engine
Thick 7-gauge steel frame
Car-like transmission
New disc brakes

When purchasing a John Deere GPS PrecisionSprayer unit, there will be one boom option to choose from, the 5.5-m (18-ft) spray boom. This boom size makes an excellent choice for spraying greens, fairways, tees, and other areas. Features include:
Standard electrohydraulic lift
Standard triple-nozzle bodies
Bidirectional breakaway
The boom height is adjustable by loosening four U-bolts, lifting or lowering the boom to the desired height, and retightening. This allows both booms to accept a wide range of nozzle angles and styles for proper overlap.

Nozzle spacing The nozzle spacing on both booms is preset to 50.8 cm (20 in.), but is adjustable by loosening the nozzle body clamp, sliding the nozzle body along the boom, and re-tightening it into position. The 5.5-m (18-ft) boom has four nozzles on the left boom, three nozzles on the center boom, and four nozzles on the right boom.

The 4640 Universal Display provides the latest redesign and improved operating experience for John Deere ProGator GPS Sprayer operators, and is loaded with the following benefits:
A quickly learnable display resulting in reduced training, less expensive downtime, and fewer operator mistakes
Improved data capture and collection capabilities, providing more accurate Section Control (individual nozzle control) performance and documentation
An expanding suite of precision spraying applications including performance and usability enhancements in applications such as the AutoTrac assisted steering system and Section Control and documentation

John Deere Section Control (individual nozzle control) automatically turns individual nozzles on or off to reduce overlap and improve input management. John Deere Section Control can be utilized for spraying greens, tees, fairways, and roughs when adequate signal is available. John Deere Section Control (formerly known as Swath Control Pro software) is a software activation on the 4640 Universal Display. John Deere Section Control automatically controls the nozzles on a sprayer by allowing individual nozzles to turn off and turn on when required. When John Deere Section Control is enabled, it utilizes global positioning system (GPS) information to turn nozzles on and off and reduce overlap in previously applied areas. It also can be used to reference interior and exterior field boundaries. John Deere Section Control automatically controls the nozzles as the ProGator GPS PrecisionSprayer passes through defined boundaries.

John Deere individual nozzle control improves efficiency for the golf and sports turf superintendent. One of the primary benefits of individual nozzle control is reduced product overlap while spraying. Overlap reduction decreases the total amount of product used, saving the golf course money by lowering the input costs.

Some turf can be easily harmed by excessive chemical or fertilizer applications that negatively impact the plant health. John Deere individual nozzle control reduces overlap to help avoid over-application.

John Deere individual nozzle control also reduces the stress level of the operator. By utilizing Section Control, the operator does not need to focus on manually turning the boom sections off and on. This helps reduce fatigue and enables the operator run longer hours spraying on the course. It helps less-experienced operators more accurately perform the product application on the course.

The John Deere StarFire 6000 Receiver is an enhanced replacement for the StarFire 3000 Receiver and expands on the precision agronomic value that golf and sports turf professionals have come to expect from John Deere. The StarFire 6000 Receiver implements an improved antenna, the latest in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal processing technology, and an added differential correction signal. All of this technology adds up to improved performance and uptime as well as lower cost of operation when paired with precision systems such as AutoTrac assisted steering system and John Deere Section Control (individual nozzle control).

The AutoTrac Universal (ATU) 300 steering kit is a machine steering kit used for automatic guidance in John Deere and non-John Deere machines. Pair the machine kit with a complete GreenStar system to operate automatic, hands-free guidance in approved machine platforms. AutoTrac offers many benefits to operators, including optimized machine efficiency, reduced operator fatigue, and the ability to work at faster speeds. The ATU 300 is the premier universal steering system in the golf and sports turf industry.

The GS Rate Controller allows the 4640 Universal Display to integrate the ProGator GPS PrecisionSprayer to accomplish the following:
Automatic rate control
JohnDeereSectionControl (individual nozzle control)

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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