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Heavy-duty design delivers strength and durability FORMED AND WELDED STEEL FRAME
Solid steel tube front frame
Strong rear frame for support and protection
Heavy-duty 3- x 2-in. (76.2- x 51-mm) frame tubing for durability
Rear frame provides solid support and protection for the engine
Large caster wheel
Caster wheel spindle housing
Large front caster wheels provide a smooth ride and level cut:
A large surface area helps to provide a smooth ride for the operator.
Pneumatic tires for the smoothest ride (Z720E, Z735E, Z730M, Z735M, Z740R)
Semi-pneumatic tires for extra reliability and durability (Z740R with Tweel tire technology)
Better performance on slopes
Caster wheels turn easily on two maintenance-free sealed ball bearings for both the spindles and the wheel axles.
Long, trouble-free life
Designed to give smooth turns without damage to the turf
Rear tires have high-quality tread and optimum size for superior traction and smooth ride:
Tread pattern is optimized for excellent traction and minimum turf damage.
Special wheel design gives an enhanced appearance to the machine.
Optional Michelin X Tweel Turf airless radial tire technology on the Z740R provides extra reliability and ride quality.

Operator station provides plenty of room for comfortable operation.
Flat operator station makes getting on and off easy.
Step weldment on mower deck is convenient for the operator.
Controls are located close to the operator for convenience.
Operator controls are color coded for easy identification and operation.
They help protect the operator in the event of tip over.
Easy-fold ROPS improves the ability to store the ZTrak in a garage.
The ROPS is designed to meet or exceed American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) safety standards.
Easy-fold ROPS includes a built-in isolator.
When the ROPS is up, the overall height is 71.1 in. (182.2 cm) for all models except the Z740R, which is 72.1 in. (183.2 cm).
When the ROPS is down, the overall height is 47.4 in. (120.3 cm) for E Series, 49.7 in. (126.2 cm) for M Series, and 51 in. (129.5 cm) for R Series.
To fold, remove the two pins and rotate the top of the Roll-Gard downward.
The Roll-Gard must be in the upright and locked position when low clearance is not required.
The ROPS and seat belt are included in base equipment.
Use of the seat belt is recommended when operating with ROPS in the upright position.
Encourages proper entry to the operator station
Provides a good gripping surface for the operators foot
Comfortable operator station and convenient controls help optimize operator experience.
Large operator platform allows a wide range of foot positions.
Easily and without tools, each operator can adjust the location of the footrest area to the optimum position.
Adjustment range of 2 in. (5.1 cm) in 1-in. (2.5-cm) increments is possible.

Short operators may be most comfortable with the platform in the rear position (as shown above), while tall operators may be more comfortable with the platform in the forward position. Or perhaps, the middle position provides just the right amount of leg room. Patent-pending foot pegs (standard on R Series, optional on E and M Series) provide the operator with different foot placement options. Foot pegs can be adjusted into two different positions, horizontal or at an angle, to provide more variability for foot placement. The pegs also act as handles to remove and replace the foot platform.

23 hp (17.2 kW) provides plenty of power.
Large 44.3-cu in. (726-cc) displacement provides excellent torque.
V-twin, 90-degree cylinder design allows for easy starts, excellent power and performance, and smooth operation.
Engine model is FR691V.
Many quality features are included.
Cast-iron cylinder liners provide a long-wearing surface for longer engine life.
Overhead V-valves allow the engine to breathe easily for excellent power and fuel economy.
Automatic compression release provides easy starting.
Internally vented carburetor maintains proper fuel mixture and minimizes emissions.
Fuel shutoff solenoid stops excess fuel from entering the exhaust system and causing after bang upon shut down.
Full-pressure lubrication system provides plenty of oil to the engines moving parts to ensure reliable operation and long life:
No-tools oil drain is convenient to use.
A flexible drain tube can be placed above a drain pan to eliminate oil spills.
Replaceable oil filter keeps the oil cleaner for a longer engine life and extends the time between oil changes.
A rotating metal grass chopper screen helps keep the engine fins clean by filtering out debris and reducing the size of material that gets through so it will pass harmlessly past the engine fins.
The guard keeps out large pieces of debris and provides protection from the rotating fan.
The air filter system thoroughly cleans the engine intake air.
Cover flips up for easy filter service.
Electronic ignition contributes to fast starts.
A rear engine guard protects the engine and provides additional vehicle strength and integrity.
A flywheel alternator provides plenty of capacity to quickly recharge the battery and power electrical equipment, such as lights. 20-amp capacity. Regulated to keep the battery at a full charge without risk of overcharging

John Deere recommends the use of fuel stabilizer in gasoline. See Fuel-Protect for gasoline engines (8 oz [237 mL]) for more information.
8-gal. (30.3-L) fuel capacity for extended mowing times
Easy-to-see fuel sight gauge
Large fuel-fill opening and angled fuel filler neck
The large-capacity fuel tank is easy to fill, and a convenient fuel level gauge is provided:
Holds 8-gal. (30.3-L) of fuel to reduce time needed for refills
Easy to see how much fuel is in the tank by viewing the sight gauge when approaching from the front of the machine
Large, 3.5-in. (8.9-cm) fuel fill diameter for easy filling and minimum chance of spills
Fuel fill location low for easy filling, within easy reach of the operator
The unitized hydrostatic drive features a hydraulic pump combined with a heavy-duty wheel motor into a single unit.
One pump and motor transmission to drive each wheel provides several benefits:
Exceptional cooling in high-load conditions
Easy-to-check fluid level and refill with hydraulic oil
Hydraulic oil check/fill accessed by raising the seat
Transmissions are set low in the vehicle for excellent hillside stability.
Heavy-duty components stand up to the higher loads from the larger tires and greater weight of Z700 Series ZTrak Mowers.
Low maintenance, unitized transmissions are sealed and have no hose connections to leak hydraulic fluid.
Four-bolt hubs provide a reliable and convenient wheel-mounting system.
Unitized hydraulic pumps and commercial-grade, heavy-duty wheel motors combined into a single unit
Speeds up to 8 mph (12.8 km/h)
Pump displacement: 0.61 cu in. (10 cc) per revolution
Motor displacement: 0.97 cu in. (16 cc) per revolution
Durable 1-in. (2.54-cm) axles for heavy loads
Standard shock valves for added system protection
Standard charge pump for increased performance
External oil filter for easier maintenance

Controls are located on the transmissions near the expansion tanks where they are easy to reach and use.
Tow valves allow moving the machine in its neutral position when the engine is not running.
Simply, pull up on the rods and secure them into the slot. When finished moving the machine, return the rods to the operating position.
Hydro-Gear and ZT-3100 are trademarks of Hydro-Gear Limited Partnership AF Holding Company, a Delaware Corporation and Danfoss Power Solutions (US) Company, a Delaware Corporation.
Adjustable foot platform
Adjustable seat position, armrests, and suspension to suit many operators
Adjustable motion-control levers
Easily and without tools, each operator can adjust the location of the footrest area to the most suitable position.
Large operator platform allows a wide range of foot positions.

Seat with adjustable armrests
Fore-aft seat adjustment lever
A deep, padded seat combined with adjustable armrests, adjustable fore/aft position, and adjustable suspension springs optimizes comfort for the operator:
High-back, 21-in. (53.3-cm) seat comes with adjustable armrests and 4-in. (10.2-cm) fore-aft adjustment.
Seat-adjustment lever is located at the front edge of the seat for easy use by the operator while seated.
Four seat spring positions adjust for operator weight and preference.
A rearward position may be more suitable for heavier and taller operators and a more forward position for lighter and shorter operators.
4-in. (10.2-cm) long steel springs have plenty of travel to give a smooth ride.
A spring-loaded latch locks seat down when it is lowered.
The seat is easy to release and raise to access adjustable seat springs.

Adjustable steering levers are shaped for operator comfort and ease of controlling vehicle speed and direction.
The steering levers offer 18 different positions to accommodate operator preference for hand placement and leg clearance.

Deluxe cup holder with provision for cup handle
Protected storage shown with battery cover removed
Operator convenience is provided with easy-to-reach deluxe cup holder and storage areas.
Cup holder includes room for a cup with a large handle.
Covered storage under the battery access panel provides protection for important items.

Key switch
Hour meter
Ignition switch
Power take-off (PTO) control
Engine speed control
Engine choke control
Mower cut-height dial
Mower transport position lock
Space for the optional light kit switch

Steering levers in operating position
Steering levers in park position
Motion control levers are shaped and located for operator comfort and ease of control.
Combined height and fore/aft positions gives 18 adjustments
Increased operator comfort with more leg room and more hand positions
Adjustable for most precise control of the machine

Convenient tracking adjustment locations
Tracking adjustment bolt
On-board tracking adjustment can be made by the operator from the operator seat.
A 13-mm socket wrench is required.

Motion control levers in, parking brake in disengaged position
Motion control levers out, parking brake in engaged position
A patent-pending automatic parking brake system is designed into the steering control levers:
The mechanical parking brake is operated by the steering control levers.
The parking brake is engaged when the steering control levers are moved outward, and it is disengaged when the steering control levers are moved inward to the operating position.
An audible click lets the operator know the brake has fully engaged or disengaged.
The foot-lift pedal is used to raise the mower deck for setting cut height or locking in the raised or transport position.
A lift-assist spring is provided to optimize the effort it takes to raise the mower deck.
Use the foot-lift pedal to lock the deck in transport mode. Simply depress the pedal all the way and the deck will lock into transport mode.
To unlock and lower the deck, push down on the foot-lift pedal, pull up on the transport unlock lever and release the foot-lift pedal to lower the deck to the chosen height.

Interlock switch is located under the seat
Operator presence system seat switch
Safety interlocks help prevent operating in an unsafe way:
The parking brake must be engaged for the engine to crank.

Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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