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The rugged BW15.70 can tame the harshest conditions heavy brush and trees up to 4.5 inches in diameter. Ideal for professional and contract cutting.

Over 50 years ago, Woods introduced the original flex-wing rotary cutter, the Batwing. It instantly became a household name for flex-wing cutters. Why? Because you needed a rugged piece of equipment that could tackle the toughest rural mowing jobs and the Batwing delivered.

It was great then, and because of you, its even better today! Introducing the new customer-designed Batwing from Woods. Its more reliable, more durable, easier to use, easier to maintain and built to perform better. Its the flex-wing cutter you always wanted, you just needed a company to build it.

Here are just a few features exclusive to Woods that rotary cutter users like you told us were important in our 15-foot series.

New patent-pending driveline lift assistance system makes it easy to hook up. Standard on all models.
Rounded wings easily maneuver around obstacles and slice through tall brush while the curved leading edge shrugs off impact.
New gearbox seal technology reduces leaks and downtime and is backed by our six-year gearbox warranty, which includes the seals.
A steel tube around the perimeter absorbs shock and creates a stronger, longer-lasting machine.
Chain shielding is integrated with the frame to prevent damage.
Greasable Quick-Change blade pins are easy to remove.

You said you wanted strength in your machine strong wheels, strong hubs and a strong structure. Woods engineered the new Batwing to be extremely strong and long lasting.

A variety of features make the new Batwing the most durable in the field. With a Woods exclusive design, steel tubes surround the perimeter to absorb shock and chain shielding integrated within the frame prevents damage. The machines beefy, heavy-duty skid shoes prevent gouging and protect the deck from damage, increasing its durability. For added toughness in extreme conditions, the .60 and .70 models feature a 3-inch gearbox output shaft, and an optional deck ring.

When it comes to ease of use, you want an easy, quick and smooth tractor hook up. Woods responded with a new patent-pending driveline lift assistance system, which comes standard on all models. With a locking feature and rolling mechanism, connecting the Batwing to your tractors PTO is quick, easy and painless.

You told us your flex-wing cutter needed a rugged and reliable gearbox with better seal protection. Woods responded by offering new gearbox seal technology for our new Batwing!

Our new gearbox seal technology features advanced engineering and material specifically developed for heavy-duty jobs in harsh environments resulting in less leaks and downtime. More uptime means more productivity for you!

The industry-leading six-year warranty covers not just the gearbox but also the seals, alleviating any concerns about leakage and giving you confidence that the Batwing will be extremely dependable.

You dont have hours to spend maintaining your equipment. Thats why the new Woods Batwing is engineered to be easy to maintain.

The next-generation Batwing is equipped with features that ease maintenance, including grease fittings that are easy to reach and an industry-leading smooth, sloped deck thats free of components for easy clean-up.

You asked us for less maintenance and we delivered with a host of exclusive features. All shields are constructed of durable metal no plastic here! -- that open easily for direct access to gearboxes and drivelines. Hose covers protect from wear and damage and our greaseable Quick-Change blade pins are easy to remove.

The new Batwing easily maneuvers around obstacles and slices through tall brush just what you asked for.

You want a cutter that can handle almost anything in its path. The new Batwing offers the best performance in its class. Only on the new Woods Batwing will you find rounded wings that slice through brush, and a curved leading edge that easily maneuvers close to trees and poles. Clear stalks with an optional shredding kit to increase your flexibility and performance. The calculated positioning of welded baffles optimize airflow for even cutting and direct the cut material for superior distribution. Baffles are standard on the new Batwing, so youre assured of a great cut every time.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.
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