Unverferth 2600 Liquid Applicator NutriMax for Sale Lease from Cross Implement a John Deere Dealer in Minier Illinois, Serving the Midwest region from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana & Missouri, Michigan & Wisconsin


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Travel the extra miles, cover the extra acres.  The Unverferth NutriMax Models 1800 and 2600 liquid fertilizer applicators help ensure optimum crop performance through precise placement of nutrients when it's most needed during periods of high growth.


The Unverferth NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicator's unique fold design provides a narrow transport width of less than 15' allowing you to easily travel from field-to-field.  The 1800 and 2600 gallon tank capacities and industry leading components allow you to quickly cover your acres.  A rugged frame and toolbar design is built for high-speed application and 36" of total toolbar clearance provides a longer application window.


Unverferth NutriMax Liquid Applicator Tank Features

• Exclusive design gray-colored poly tanks are available in 2600 and 1800 gallon capacities which means more acres covered per fill

•Containment-tank sump functions like a sump-within-a-sump for holding the last 30-50 gallons of liquid on side-hills and inclines to maintain a primed pump

• Stainless steel baffle for load stability in the field or going down the road

• Front and rear tank-volume indicators with red ball float for easy viewing from tractor cab and from the rear of unit for quick, easy filling

• 3” quick-fill for faster tank loading from ground level on rear of unit

• 9-gallon clean-water tank equipped with eye-wash tube and spout for quick response

• Hydraulic pump with pulse-width modulation for enhanced application at the correct pressure at varying field speeds

• Optional hydraulic-operated stainless steel pump for longer life

• Optional inductor system easily adds micronutrients from ground level and includes agitation to keep the fertilizer in proper suspension while applying


Unverferth NutriMax Liquid Applicator Toolbar Features

 The innovative fold raises the coulters on the mid-section to achieve a narrow transport width

• Hydraulic wing tilt feature automatically raises the toolbar to 15Ëš above parallel for minimizing crop damage while turning

Center toolbar section features 18" of clearance from the bottom of the coulters when raised and 26" of under frame clearance

• Toolbar sizes of 60’, 66’, 88' and 90' — 60’ model folds to 40’ for dual-width application

• Toolbar constructed of dual, 5”x 7” 

tubes on center section and mid-wings; single 6”x 6” tube on outer wing

• Parallel linkages provide optimum down pressure on coulters for consistent fertilizer positioning in the row• Patent-pending, side-folding design for narrow, 14’9” transport width

• Tool-free adjustable 15" gauge wheels mounted on the mid wings and 20.5x8-10 on the outer wings

• Electric Flo-Bak ball valves mounted on toolbar for faster response time

• Stainless steel plumbing for added life

• 5-section control for applying from the boom sections where needed

• Standard ISOBUS interface easily connects with tractor’s VT screen

• Optional Raven 450 rate controller with Astro II GPS Receiver

• Six-bolt coulter hubs for extended life with 1,500 lbs. of down pressure for consistent penetration depth regardless of soil density

• Square-tube coulter posts mounted to the toolbar with cast clamps for added vertical performance and life

• Coulters swivel up to 15 degrees in each direction for accurately following the terrain; greasable pivot for greater longevity

• Available with straight or wavy coulter to meet individual fertilizer-delivery conditions

• Injection nozzle or knife injector mounted on heavy-duty 3/8” bar for consistent and long-term on-target application

• Row spacing of 20”, 22” and 30"

• Choice of red or green high-quality powder coat finish that resists corrosion

• Single wheel option on model 1800 and dual wheel options on both models 1800 and 2600.

• Adjustable axle from 60” to 120” to accommodate a variety of wheel sizes and row crop spacing

• 14”-wide Equalizer tracks with exclusive patent-pending cambering from front-to-rear and side-to-side with tread width adjustable from 88” to 144”

• The shallow-tread design on the track allows for a greater footprint for increased flotation and easier turning

• Self-cleaning rubber-coated bogie and end wheels on the track maximize in-field performance

• Standard fenders and crop deflectors provide added crop protection

• Optional steerable hitch provides added steering control on end rows to minimize crop damage during turns


*Qualifies for Low Rate JDF Financing Plus Applicable Participation Fees & Taxes.  Additional Terms and Conditions Apply.  Subject to John Deere Credit Approval with Qualified Down Payment. Not everyone will qualify for low rate option. Residency restrictions may apply. All pricing is figured with all applicable cash discounts applied. Additional charges may apply if transaction involves credit card, financing or trade. Purchase or Renew Only offers a fixed purchase option without surrender option. Customer may purchase, trade, or renew at end of lease. All Sold Equipment is FOB Minier unless otherwise noted. Equipment is sold on as/is basis with no dealer warranty. Cross Implement Assurance Discounts are good exclusively at the Minier location for the current use season defined as a Spring Use or Fall Use. Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Horsepower ratings are for comparison purposes only and are estimates.  Ag & Commercial use only. Some Restrictions Apply.  Subject to Availability.  See Dealer for details. This schedule is only an estimate. Offer good thru 10/31/18 subject to availability.

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