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Unverferth waffle-style replacement wheels are available in different colors and sizes to meet your tire size and tractor brand.

Since the mid 1980s, Unverferth began designing and manufacturing MFWD T-Rail duals with their easy-on, easy-off attachment. As farmers recognized the advantages of front-end duals,they sought more permanent mounting for year-round use. Unverferth direct-axle MFWD duals fill this need using a bolt-on spacer and factory-style wheels for maximum versatility. And, they look identical to the original equipment style.

For greater pulling power and increased flotation, Unverferth direct-axle dual wheels provide original equipment styling versatility.  Axle-mounted duals and triples for tractors provide the additional power and flotation you need.  10-bolt-ductile iron Wedg-Lok hubs provide added strength and quick wheel centering with easy-to see tapered guidepins.

Regardless of your crop tillage practices, look to Unverferth for the extensions you need to center your wheels down the middle of the row. From dual and triple axle spacers, to MFWD hub extensions, your Unverferth dealer can put you and your wheels on track. Standard extensions for spacing dual wheels further apart or adding triples are available in 5-, 8- 10-, 13-, 15- 19.5- 21 and 29.5-inch lengths for keeping your wheels running down the rows.  A wide variety of other wheel extensions are also available to space out M.F.W.D. fronts, self-propelled sprayers and a variety of popular tractor makes and models.  Custom-built extensions can be designed and manufactured in lengths from 4-inches to 40-inches with a wide variety of bolt patterns. 

When it comes to needing added flotation, greater stability, or matching your harvesting equipment to crop spacings, Unverferth is the source to meet those needs. Many standard dual wheel packages are available for current combine and cotton picker models, or we can manufacture a multitude of wheels for any of your harvest equipment.

Replacement, high-flotation single wheels are also available in 26" and 32" diameters, along with custom-built options.

The T-Rail® system is more than just a quick conversion to the added power and efficiency of dual wheels. It also gives you the strength, durability and precise alignment of semi-permanent duals, even on the biggest equipment. The key is the clamp and rail assemblies which hold the dual in place for optimum performance.

Since 1948, Unverferth has been perfecting the wheel for agricultural equipment. Though tractors have grown in size and horsepower, many of the Classic tractors remain farm workhorses or have become show pieces of farming history. Regardless of your usage, Unverferth makes the rims you need to keep these tractors going. Using our modern manufacturing processes and powder-coat finish, these rims will look their best for show and be able to stand up to the rigors of use. Rim styles are available in power-adjust, beveled and clamp style to match many of your favorite tractors.