John Deere 6155M Row Crop Tractor

John Deere 6155M Row Crop Tractor



John Deere 6155M Row Crop Tractor

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John Deere 6155M Row Crop Tractor

The 155-engine-hp and 123-power take-off (PTO)-hp* 6155M Tractor delivers best-in-class features in both cab and open-station configurations. Now with increased power levels and an increased hitch lift capacity over its predecessors, many of the features available on the premium 6R Series have been incorporated into the 6M Series design to make this tractor productive, reliable, easy to operate, and more affordable.

The 6155M Tractor boosts productivity a 6.8-L PowerTech™ PVX engine. The engine is Final Tier 4 (FT4) compliant by including selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Equipped with a 40-km/h (25-mph) transmission option, left-hand PowrReverser™ transmission, and simplified controls, the 6M is ready to boost productivity on any customer's operation. When combined with the industry-exclusive full-frame design, these features result in perfect loader integration, making the 6M Series Tractors ideal for most chores around the farm.

6M Series Tractors also still have the customers' needs covered with its high-clearance models, low-clearance cab, and open-station configurations.

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If power gets the job done, then the 6155M is ready, willing and able. Cycle big loads and heavy implements with 30 gpm (113 lpm) of pressure-flow compensated hydraulic performance. Match your transmission to the application … choose from several options, including a 25 mph (40K) or a creeper option with speeds as low as .09 mph (1.4 km/h). All PowrQuad™ transmissions feature a left-hand reverser for no-clutch, no-skid loader work. With engines that respond to changing demands, the 6155M is the right choice for getting more work done.

Hydraulic pumps

Function: Oil pump, L/min (gal./min)


  • PFC piston pumps or PC gear pumps

  • Additional oil reservoir

  • Three pumps available:

    • 80 L/min (21.1 gal./min) 35 ccm

    • 114 L/min (30.1 gal./min) 45 ccm



Selective control valves (SCV), rear

Function: Control rear implements


  • Up to three SCVs - mechanical (M)
    • Standard (M)
    • Premium (M)
  • Premium couplers
  • Power beyond
  • Mechanical or electrical joystick




Function: Control front implements/loader


  • Up to three SCVs available:
    • Two functional SCVs
    • Three functional SCVs
  • Mechanical or electric joys

The 6M cabs are designed with functionality and operator comfort in mind. While in the cab, the operator will experience various features that will make the operator’s task easier.

Four different cab packages, including a low-profile cab, are offered on the 6Ms to match the operator’s needs. Protection from elements such as wind, dust, sun, rain, or hot and cold temperatures improves an operator’s efficiency and productivity which leads to greater performance.

John Deere 6155M Tractor Official Test

Nebraska Test number ---


John Deere 6155M Engine

Manufacturer John Deere PowerTech™ PSS (B20 Diesel Compatible)
Engine family ---
Aspiration Dual Series Turbocharger w/fixed geometry first stage-variable geometry second stage - air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Cylinders/Displacement, cu. in. (L) 6/6.8 L6/414 cu in.
Cylinder Liners Wet sleeve
Fuel tank capacity, US Gal. (L) (Open; Cab) ---
Standard 295 L78 U.S. gal.
Optional ---
Underhood muffler Yes



Advertised PTO hp (kW) @ Rated rpm 91 @ 2100 kW123 @ 2100 hp
Official PTO hp (kW) @ Rated rpm ---
@ Standard PTO @ Eng rpm ---
Maximum @ Eng rpm ---
Advertised Engine hp (kW) @ Rated speed 116 @ 2100 kW155 @ 2100 hp
Max Unballast Drwbr hp (kW) @ Eng rpm ---
Maximum Torque (PTO) @ rpm, lb-ft (Nm) ---
Max Torque Rise (80% rtd spd) @ Eng rpm ---
Maximum Torque Rise % (PTO) @ Eng rpm ---


Fuel Use, U.S. gal./hr & hp hr/gal. at:

PTO @ Rated Eng rpm ---
Standard PTO Speed @ Eng speed ---
Maximum PTO Power @ Eng rpm ---
Maximum Engine Power @ Eng rpm ---
Max Unballasted Drawbar Power @ Eng rpm ---
75% Load, Full Engine rpm (Unballasted) ---
75% Load @ Reduced rpm (Unballasted) ---


John Deere 6155M Tractor Transmission

Std. Transmission; Forward/Reverse 16 Speed PowrQuad Transmission 30K (OOS Only); 16 Speed PowrQuad PLUS™ Transmission 30K (Cab Only)
Opt. Transmission; Forward/Reverse 20 Speed PowrQuad Transmission 40K (OOS Only);16 Speed PowrQuad PLUS™ Transmission 30K (Cab Only); 20 Speed PowrQuad PLUS Transmission 40K (Cab Only); 20 Speed AutoQuad PLUS™ Transmission 40K (Cab Only)
Reverser Left-hand base
On-the-Go Shifting (Yes/No/Partial) Yes
Clutch; Wet/Dry Wet
Creeper Yes


John Deere 6155M Tractor  Power Take-Off (PTO)

Standard Independent 1-3/8 in., 540/1000 reversible shaft
Optional Independent 540 rpm
PTO Speeds @ Engine rpm ---
PTO Actuation Electrohydraulic


John Deere 6155M Tractor Hydraulics

Type Pressure & Flow Compensated (PFC) System with Load Sensing Function
Pump Rated Output, GPM (L/min.) ---
Standard 114 L/min30 gpm
Optional ---
Rated Flow @ One SCV, GPM (L/min.) ---
Max Output @ SCV Couplers, GPM (L/min.) ---
Maximum Operating Pressure, psi (kPa) 20,000 kPa2900 psi
Maximum Hydraulic Power, hp (kW) ---
Hitch Draft Control Load Sense Type Electrohydraulic
Remote Control Valves Available Up to 3 rear mechanical or 3 with power beyond, 3 mid-mount mechanical
Hitch Category (SAE Designation) Category 2/3N
Hitch Lift Cap. lb (kg) @24 in. Bhnd Lift Pt. ---
OECD ---
Standard 3719 Advertised kg8198 Advertised lb
Optional 4170 Advertised kg9193 Advertised lb
Hitch Lift Cap. lb (kg) @24 in. Bhnd Lift Pt. (SAE) ---
Standard ---
Optional ---
Hitch Lift Cap. lb (kg) @24 in. Bhnd Lift Pt. (ASAE) ---
Standard ---
Optional ---
Sensing type Electronic lower link
Joystick SCV control Mechanical


John Deere 6155M Tractor Final Drive

Type Inboard planetary three pinion
Differential controls Electrohydraulic
Availability ---
Front Yes
Front & Rear Yes
Engage On-the-Go Rear Differential Lock Yes
Axle Type Flanged axle, 8 position adjustable steel wheels - Base Flanged axle with 2-Position Fixed Cast Wheels - Option 86 x 2550 with 2-Position Fixed Cast Wheels mm3.385 x 100.4 with 2-Position Fixed Cast Wheels in.
Brakes, Type and Control Hydraulic wet disk


John Deere 6155M Tractor  Operator Station

Rollover Protective Structure, OOS Yes
Rigid - Foldable - Telescopic ---
Platform - Flat/Straddle ---
Gearshift Location - Console/Floor Transmission specific
Cab ---
Doors ---
Platform - Flat/Straddle ---
dB(A) Rating ---
Seat Suspension System ---


2WD Dimensions

Wheelbase, in. (mm) 2765 mm108.9 in.
Front Tread Range, in. (mm) 1610 to 2220 mm63.3 to 87.4 in.
Rear Tread Range, in. (mm) ---
Minimum Rear Tread Setting, in. (mm) ---
Front Axle Clearance, in. (mm) ---
Turning Radius w/Brakes, ft (m) ---
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m) ---
Unballasted Operating Weight, lb (kg) ---
Approx. Ship Wgt, lb (kg) Open; Cab ---


John Deere 6155M Tractor MFWD Dimensions

Wheelbase, in. (mm) 2765 mm108.9 in.
Front Tread Range, in. (mm) 1494 to 2206 mm58.8 to 86.8 in.
Front Axle Clearance, in. (mm) 607 mm23.9 in.
Turning Radius w/Brakes, ft (m) 7.1 m23.5 ft
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m) 7.1 m23.5 ft
Limited Slip Differential Yes
Unballasted Operating Weight, lb (kg) 5930 kg13073 lb
Approx. Ship Wgt, lb (kg) Open; Cab 5930 kg13073 lb


4WD Dimensions

Wheelbase, in. (mm) ---
Wheel Tread, Min. to Max. in. (mm) ---
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m) ---
Nebraska Test Unballasted w/Duals, lb (kg) ---
Unballasted Weight, lb (kg) ---


John Deere 6155M Tractor Standard Tires

2WD 10.00-16 10PR F2 Bias - Front in.460/85R38 149A8 R1W Radial - Rear in.
Front ---
Rear ---
Front 380/85R28 133A8 R1W Radial in.
Rear 460/85R38 149A8 R1W Radial in.
4WD ---
Track widths ---



Country of Manufacture Mannheim, Germany
Ballasting Restrictions, lb (kg) Refer to Operator's Manual
*Notes Updated - 02/27/2015