John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator

John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator

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John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator


The new John Deere 2230 Level-lift™ and Floating Hitch Field Cultivator models feature a redesigned frame with stubble-resistant radial tires and no daily maintenance points. The 2230 Field Cultivators are able to provide even and consistent soil mixing and residue flow thanks to true six-inch split-the-middle shank spacing with TruPosition™ standards that offer 200 lbs. of trip force.


For level or gently rolling ground, the John Deere 2230 Level-lift Field Cultivator comes with three-section or five-section configurations in 15 different sizes ranging from 23.5 feet to 60.5 feet in width. For level or hilly terrain, customers can select the 2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator, available in 14 different widths from 25.5 feet to 69.5 feet, that can cover up to 217 more acres in a 10-hour day than previous models.


Both the Level-lift and Floating Hitch Field Cultivators feature the ProFinish™ Leveling System with six rear harrow options that enable producers to achieve their desired level of field finish. Hydraulically adjustable flat-bar or round-bar rolling baskets are also available, allowing the operator to easily raise, lower or float the baskets as field conditions change.


In addition, the industry-exclusive TruSet™ Tillage technology is included, giving the operator more precise on-the-go depth and down pressure control from the convenience of the cab. Operators can perform individual section leveling on the 2230FH with TruSet side-to-side. TruSet also enables variable depth prescriptions and documentation of tillage passes, helping produces capture more detailed field data for the entire production cycle.


Work wider. Choose from a wide range of working widths to help create the planter-ready seedbeds you want. At widths up to 69 ft. 6 in. (21.2 m), you can cover more ground per pass and more acres per day. We've closed the gap in sizes, too, letting you choose the right size tool for your operation and tractor size. We also offer five-section Level-lift™ field cultivator choices that were not available before. Plus, we've improved road transport dimensions and reduced overall implement weight.


Work faster. By increasing our maximum work speed from 8 mph to 10 mph, you can drive 25% faster than before and cover more ground, acre after acre, day after day.


Work smarter with TruSet™. Our new next generation field cultivators aren't just wider and faster, they're also built to work smarter, too. Both are equipped with fully integrated TruSet™ technology to help you make on-the-go depth and pressure adjustments from inside the cab in only six seconds – available only from John Deere. Plus, settings will react on the go to respond to changes in agronomic practices, helping you maximize your productivity in short tillage windows.


For integrated precision ag functionality, TruSet now enables tillage Documentation and Prescription capabilities. With TruSet, you can run a tillage prescription to optimize your implement for different field zones and types of soil as well as adjust on-the-go for changing conditions. Integrated TruSet technology helps you achieve the best possible seedbed throughout the field all day long. You can also use TruSet on your non-green tractors. Just ask for our compatibility kit.


Consistent residue flow and 100% coverage. A true 6-inch split-the-middle shank spacing for maximum residue flow, soil mixing and weed control across the full width of the equipment. By increasing the number of ranks, each sweep now has a 24-in. (61 cm) clearance around it.


A total of 29 new configurations. Your fields and agronomic goals aren’t the same as your neighbor’s, of course, and that’s why we’ve extended our new field cultivator lineup to include all-new five-section Level-lift configurations, a wider range of working widths, and added new features to meet the unique needs of your operation.


New ProFinish™ Leveling System offers 20% more harrow choices. Choose from six rear harrows that are compatible with all configurations to further create an optimal environment for your seed. These include: 4-bar coil-tine harrow, 3-bar coil-tine harrow with round-bar rolling basket, 3-bar coil-tine harrow with flat-bar rolling basket, 6-bar spike-tooth harrow, 3-bar spike-tooth harrow with round-bar rolling basket, and 3-bar spike-tooth harrow with flat-bar rolling basket.


Add rolling basket options you can hydraulically adjust from your cab. Round or flat bars are exceptional in pulverizing clods and leaving the coarse soil on top, while allowing the fine soil particles to stay in the seed zone for better seed-to-soil contact. Simply raise, lower or float baskets as your field and soil conditions change – all from the comfort of your cab. Plus, you can adjust the down pressure to the desired amount from zero down-force to maximum pressure at 900 psi (6.2 mpa) with TruSet.