John Deere R4030 Sprayer

John Deere R4030 Sprayer

2019 John Deere Sprayer Early Order Now Save Up to $88,000


2019 John Deere R4030 120' 15" Stainless Front Fill Boom Purge Foamer Auto Boom Level Radar

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John Deere R4030 Sprayer for Sale Lease from Cross Implement a John Deere Dealer in Minier Illinois, Serving the Midwest region from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri & Wisconsin




06V4N            1   R4030 SELF-PROPELLED SPRAYER   11232 364,167.00

 0202            1   DESTINATION UNITED STATES          3   1,309.00

 0409            1   ENGLISH OM & DECALS               20    IN BASE

 1305            1   S STEEL SOLUTION TANK 3000L     2428    IN BASE

 1835            1   LESS STARFIRE RECEIVER             0    IN BASE

 1857            1   COMMAND CTR PREM ACTIVATION        0   2,750.00

 188N            1   JDLINK CONNECT-1YR-RDA 5YR         7    IN BASE

 1955            1   CONNECT MOBILE READY               0    IN BASE

 2310            1   STD COMMANDVIEW III CAB         2045    IN BASE

 2410            1   RADIO                              2    IN BASE

 2853            1   ENGINE 6.8L TIER IV STAGE V     3924    IN BASE

 3534            1   IF 380/90R46 TIRES-FIRESTONE    3386    IN BASE

 4100            1   LESS CHEMICAL EDUCTOR              1  -3,081.00

 4210            1   MANUAL SOLUTION CONTROL           99    IN BASE

 4310            1   FRONT FILL                        81   3,117.00

 4920            1   120 FT STEEL BOOM WINGS         5889        .01

 4980            1   LESS NOZZLE CONTROL                0    IN BASE

 4992            1   15" ON-CENTER NOZZLE SPACING       0        .01

 5160            1   120' SS 15" PLUMBING             448  27,532.00

 5465            1   120' AUTO BOOM LEVEL SYSTEM       68        .01

 5525            1   FOAM MARKER SGL DROPS 120'        42   2,867.00

 7050            1   LESS WHEEL SLIP CONTROL            0  -4,705.00

 7545            1   BOOM AIR PURGE                     9    IN BASE

 7815            1   HALOGEN FIELD LIGHTING           287    IN BASE

 7900            1   NA LIGHTING/MARKING W/APP        257    IN BASE

 7930            1   RADAR                              8   1,283.00



                                            TOTAL   30236 395,239.03




The R4030 Self-Propelled Sprayer has a 3028-L (800-gal) 304-grade stainless-steel solution tank that has been designed for growers and custom applicators who seek a highly productive sprayer. This industry-leading, reliable machine is capable of delivering additional yield potential in many cropping conditions and is backed by John Deere’s long-standing tradition of quality and dealer support.


The R4030 Self-Propelled Sprayer provides the total solution by delivering value through machine performance such as a smooth ride, boom sizes options of 27 m, 30 m, and 36 m (90 ft, 100 ft, and 120 ft) respectively, dry spinner spreader, and direct injection compatibility in addition to integrated technologies like the optional BoomTrac™ Pro system and JDLink™ telematics system.

Uptime and cost of operation have also been taken into consideration through decreased daily service points, corrosion-resistant fittings, and additional boom protection with a full boom breakaway and tri-directional breakaways.

The increased capabilities of this machine take this self-propelled sprayer to the next level in meeting the ever-changing needs growers while offering exceptional value.


Efficiency and productivity are key drivers to any successful application operation. To meet this need, the R4030 have increased spray and transport speeds allowing operators to get jobs done faster and move onto the next field sooner. Operators can now travel 25 percent faster across the field, allowing them to spray more acres per day. Transport speed has also been increased by 16.5 percent, which gets operators to the next field quicker. This translates into a 40 km/h (25 mph) spray speed and 56 km/h (35 mph) road transport speed, boosting overall productivity throughout the day.


Smooth, stable ride enables operator comfort and better maneuverability

Machine performance and operator comfort are requirements during long days of operation. The field-proven dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension reduces overall machine maintenance. This suspension also provides a best-in-class ride, which is expected from John Deere Sprayers, even in the roughest fields.


Additionally, approximately 9 percent of the machine weight has been transferred to the front axle of the R4030 which leads to improved balance and further increases machine maneuverability. These features lead to less operator adjustment in the field and on the road. At the end of the day, a smooth, stable ride allows the operator the ability to travel faster across the field and cover more acres, leading to increased productivity.


Connect Mobile overview

John Deere Connect Mobile is a solution that utilizes an Apple® iPad® tablet in the cab that provides the operator a better understanding of the sprayer’s performance. Connect Mobile documents and displays several sprayer performance attributes, helping the operator monitor and more easily detect problems that can occur while spraying. Connect Mobile also has a common user interface that makes it easy to use between different pieces of John Deere equipment. Once the job is done, the iPad with the spraying data can be utilized to perform basic crop scouting activities in the field.

Spraying attributes

Monitor key performance indicators in map layers and dashboard tiles such as:

  • Actual rate
  • Rate deviation
  • Pressure
  • Ground speed
  • Droplet size
  • Target rate
  • Flow rate
  • Tank volume
  • Productivity
  • Fuel rate


The R4030 self-propelled sprayer line now offers the CommandView™ III cab; this cab will keep the operators comfortable all-day long while increasing productivity and uptime with the redesigned CommandARM™ controls and the 4600 CommandCenter™ display. The upgraded cab redefines operator comfort and productivity in four key areas:

  • Convenience - the CommandARM provides operators increased convenience of machine controls right at their fingertips with the redesigned multi-function handle,  direct-mount 4600 CommandCenter, and redesigned CommandARM.
  • Operator comfort - the CommandView III cab offers the ComfortCommand™ seat which allows operators to adjust their ride from soft to firm to match the their desired comfort level. For first-class comfort, a leather heated/ventilated seat is offered on the premium cab.
  • Visibility - the CommandView III cab offers improved visibility and comfort for operators with the 15 degrees of right-seat swivel as a standard feature in both cab options. Two internal rearview mirrors and light-emitting diode (LED) lights provide operators in the premium cab increased visibility.
  • Ease of use- the Generation 4 CommandCenter improves on the operator experience with easy navigation between sprayer settings and on-screen help functions.


The CommandView III cab also features:

  • Cellphone holder
  • USB armrest charger
  • Automatic temperature controls


John Deere R4030 Self-Propelled Sprayer features the efficient and powerful PowerTech™ PSS 6.8L delivering 209 kW (280 engine hp) with a seven percent power bulge to 224 kW (300 engine hp). These series turbo-charged, air-to-air aspirated engines deliver consistent power over a wide range of speeds (rpm) with a power bulge below rated speed to provide excellent torque in demanding applications.

  • Engine performance features:
    • 209 kW (280 engine hp) 
    • Rated speed: 2400 rpm
    • Peak torque speed: 1600 rpm
    • Power bulge: seven percent
    • Torque rise: 37 percent


The R4030 Series Sprayers frame and chassis provide a strong foundation for the sprayer to be built upon, as well as durability that will withstand the varying conditions the machine will encounter over its lifespan. Leading the way for increased productivity is the dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension, which is unmatched in the industry for operator comfort and shock absorption.
The braking system is designed with a foot pedal for quicker, controlled stops. Access to fresh water and larger storage area is conveniently located near the fill station. High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting ensures adequate lighting for operation long into the night for increased productivity. Wheel-slip control ensures traction in the toughest conditions by routing oil to the correct wheels.


John Deere R4030


Peak rated power

209 kW
280 hp


Final Tier 4

Number of cylinders



6.8 L
415 cu in.


200 amp

Fuel tank capacity

492.1 L
130 gal.

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity

29.5 L
7.8 gal.

Solution system


3028 L
800 gal.

Tank material

Stainless steel or polyethylene

Rinse tank capacity

454.2 L
120 gal.

Quick fill size

7.6 cm
3 in.

Automatic section control

John Deere Section Control (optional)

Solution system control

Automatic (optional) or manual

Fill location

Side fill, front fill (optional)

Chemical injection method

Dual-pump direct injection
Optional - up to 511 L
135 U.S. gal.

Chemical eductor

Stainless steel (optional)

Chemical eductor capacity (size)

32 L
8.5 gal.

Flow meter size

5.1 cm
2 in.

Suction strainer

20 mesh

Pressure strainer

50 mesh

Boom strainer

80 mesh


Boom length options

18.3/27.4, 18.3/30.5, or 22/36.5 m
60/90, 60/100, 72/120, or 72/132 ft

Automatic boom height

BoomTrac Pro - 5 sensor (optional)

Plumbing material

Stainless steel (polyethylene optional)

Boom Material

Steel or carbon fiber

Ground height adjustment

50 to 245 cm
19.6 to 96.5 in.

Breakaway width

Stainless-steel boom - 3.3 m
10.8 ft
Carbon fiber boom - 3.7 m
12.1 ft

Boom sections

13 sections with boom length - 40 m
132 ft
11 sections with boom length - 36.58 m
120 ft
9 sections with boom length - 30.48 m
100 ft
7 sections with boom length - 27.43 m
90 ft

ExactApply™ Nozzle Spacings

15 or 20 in.





Full-time four-wheel drive (4WD)



Hydraulic reservoir capacity

98 L
26 gal.

Spray speed range

0 to 32.2 km/h
0 to 20 mph

Transport speed, maximum

48.3 km/h
30 mph


Dry compatible

Yes - 5.7 m3
200 cu ft


Dual-strut independent wheel air-ride suspension

Crop clearance with standard tires

152 cm
60 in.

Front tires

320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46

Rear tires

320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46

Flotation tires

520/85R38 or 620/70R38 (field installed only)

Hydraulic tread adjust


Wheel tread spacing

305 to 406 cm
120 to 160 in.

Wheel base

430 cm
169.3 in.

Turning radius

8.7 m
28.5 ft

Parking brake

Spring-engaged, hydraulic-disengaged wet-disk pack

Primary brakes


Ladder raise/lower


Total weight with 90-ft boom

12,845 kg
28,318 lb

Total weight with 100-ft boom

12,925 kg
28,495 lb

Total weight with 120-ft boom

13,185 kg
29,068 lb

Total weight with carbon fiber boom

36.6-m (120-ft) boom - 12,684 kg
27,963 lb
40.2-m (132-ft) boom - 12,739 kg
28,084 lb


Air compressor

Onboard air (standard)

Foam marker capacity

Air injection foamer - 5.7 L
1.5 gal.

Additional information

Date collected



*Qualifies for Low Rate JDF Financing Plus Applicable Participation Fees & Taxes.  Additional Terms and Conditions Apply.  Subject to John Deere Credit Approval with Qualified Down Payment. Not everyone will qualify for low rate option. Residency restrictions may apply. All pricing is figured with all applicable cash discounts applied. Additional charges may apply if transaction involves credit card, financing or trade. Purchase or Renew Only offers a fixed purchase option without surrender option. Customer may purchase, trade, or renew at end of lease. All Sold Equipment is FOB Minier unless otherwise noted. Equipment is sold on as/is basis with no dealer warranty. Cross Implement Assurance Discounts are good exclusively at the Minier location for the current use season defined as a Spring Use or Fall Use. Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Approximate hours are listed as displayed on equipment at time of listing and are subject to change,  verification is available upon request. Horsepower ratings are for comparison purposes only and are estimates.  Ag & Commercial use only. Some Restrictions Apply.  Subject to Availability.  See Dealer for details. This schedule is only an estimate.