John Deere MX5 Rotary Cutter

Standard Duty Cutter

John Deere MX5 Rotary Cutter

John Deere MX5 Rotary Cutter for Sale Lease Rent from Cross Implement a John Deere Dealer in Minier Illinois, Serving the Midwest region from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana & Missouri.


The John Deere MX5 Series — Double-Decker™ design delivers strength and lasting beauty Built with the John Deere’s patented Double-Decker design, the MX5 Rotary Cutters are ready for tough mowing. That’s because the Double-Decker design provides more strength and better material fow. 


John Deere MX5 requires a minimum of 25 power take-off (PTO) hp. The type and volume of material being cut will affect horsepower requirements.