Cross Implement has achieved the Level IV John Deere FarmSite Certification.  Cross Implement is one of the few Level IV John Deere Certified Farmsite Dealers in North America.


You know your farm isn’t quite like anyone else’s. Your operation’s unique problems require customized solutions.


Cross Implement your local John Deere Dealer can create solutions that are equally unique to your operation. We are committed to helping you more efficiently capture, use, and analyze your data.


We can help you turn that operational data into actionable, information-based insights that improve your productivity.


We offer many  John Deere FarmSight™ Services that are customized to address the issues farmers face in different parts of the country, based on the crops they grow and what their goals are for their operations.


In short, Cross Implement has the specially trained personnel with the tools, training, and most important – knowledge – to help you make business and agronomic decisions, as well as equipment purchases.


Visit Cross Implement your Local  John Deere Dealer Serving Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Missouri to learn more.