John Deere 1765 Planter

8 | 12 | Row

The 1765 Flex Wing-Fold Planter is an economical drawn planter with a flexible frame that provides narrow transport.  It is available in a 12-row, 76.2-cm (30-in.) configuration.
The 1765 Flex Planter is a two-section frame that flexes in the middle to provide 20 degrees of flex up and down. This amount of flex makes the 1765 Flex Planter ideal for rolling and terraced ground.
A 373.4-cm (147-in.) hitch ensures adequate turning radius during transport when using a tractor with duals. Transport width is less than 4.9 m (16 ft).
These wing-fold planters are designed to perform in a vast array of field conditions from conventional-till to no-till.  Various attachments such as row cleaners, coulters, and fertilizer are available to adapt the planter to any field condition.