John Deere RowMax Chopping Stalk Roll

John Deere RowMax Chopping Stalk Roll

John Deere is pleased to introduce the NEW John Deere RowMax™ Chopping Stalk Roll. The new stalk roll provides an additional stalk processing option for customers with MY12+ 600C/700C series corn heads.


• Sizes most stalk residue <6” with ten intermeshing knives
• Drops stalk residue on top of the row for improved performance for no-till and strip-till producers the following season
• Explodes top of stalk for reduced tire and track wear




Customer Testimonial:
“I liked the way it cut the stalk off and kind of blossomed the top for starting to break it down,
and the size of the material was really even, and it kind of left it in the center. We do a lot of
strip till and so that left your center open for us to strip till and I think that's really going to be
good going forward.”

Competitive Advantage:
While StalkMaster™ has been successful in meeting the needs of many producers, others seek
residue sizing at reduced power consumption, weight and cost relative to StalkMaster™.



RowMax™ Opposed Stalk Rolls
• Sizes most stalk residue >12”, eight opposed knives


RowMax™ Intermeshing Stalk Rolls
• Sizes most stalk residue 6-12”, six intermeshing knives


RowMax™ Chopping Stalk Rolls
• Sizes most stalk residue <6”, ten intermeshing knives



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